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A special thanks to the more than 5000 people who came out for another fun and successful year at the 8th annual San Diego Blue’s festival in support of the San Diego & North County Food Bank.  Many enjoyed dancing and singing to great performances including Billy Gibbons & Friends, along with many other talented artists. 

Besides the record breaking attendance this year, we were also able to raise more than $200,000 in donations and over 3,000 pounds worth of food! Over the past eight years, the festival has generated more than $950,000 and 14 tons of donations.  Did you know that $1.00 can provide 5 meals to San Diegans in need?  You do the math! 

Mark your calendars for our 2019 San Diego Blue’s Festival which is scheduled for Saturday September, 7th. We hope to see you all again next year as the festival continues to help the San Diego and North County Food Bank feed the nearly half a million people  that face food insecurity ever day throughout the county.  To find out how you can help today, please visit