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  |   7-11-2018 by Frank and Danielle in Fort Lauderdale FL

I financed my first home with you guys and had the best interest rate of many competitors. We shopped rates again for our new investment property, but our local agent said she couldn’t even price match your rate, it was so low. Bravo & thanks!

  |   7-11-2018 by Roy in Austin TX

Judy was very timely (within 24 hours) in responding to my questions.

  |   7-11-2018 by Ronald and Esmeralda in Santa Ana CA

We were happy and pleased with the service.

  |   7-11-2018 by Jack and Debra in Bakersfield CA

Luis communication skills and response times were excellent. This made the process go quickly and smoothly.

  |   7-11-2018 by Thomas in Phoenix AZ

Cierra did an awesome job!

  |   7-11-2018 by Richard and Linda in Bellefonte PA

The lady I initially spoke with, Irma, was very personable, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to deal with.

  |   7-6-2018 by Edward in Bonney Lake WA

Excellent service and support. Always kept the process moving forward as well as kept me updated with the loan status.

  |   7-6-2018 by Nicolas in Rocklin CA

Gilbert did a great job keeping us posted on the status and next steps.

  |   7-6-2018 by Galina in Livingston NJ

Keon was excellent, always promptly responded to my calls and email. Helped the process going in timely manner.

  |   7-3-2018 by Eli in North Andover MA

Outstanding service from both Irma and Stephanie. This is my 7th Aimloan mortgage and will continue to use Aimloan.


  |   6-29-2018 by Kenneth in Hoschton GA

Nikki is great to work with. I have closed 3 of 4 loans with her. I first discovered Aimloan in the spring of 2017 when I was comparing lenders for a refinance.  I closed on that refinance with Aim loan in August of 2017. I liked the lower costs that Aimloan offers. They came in the cheapest out of the 8 different loan estimates I had received. I have purchased 3 houses this year with Aimloan as the lender. The loan processor was Nikki. Nikki is a joy to work with. She is always quick to respond to my calls or emails. With her help, I was able to close on my last purchase in approximately 3 weeks! I intend to purchase more homes in the future. When I do, I will be using Aimloan again. And I will request Niki to be the loan processor for each loan. I don’t need to look anywhere else. You can shop lenders as I did, but you will settle on Aimloan for all your mortgage needs.


  |   6-29-2018 by David and Yekaterina in Oklahoma City OK

Elizabeth was friendly, easy to talk to, did not get frustrated with any of my repeated questions. She was like a girl next door. Easy to talk to.

  |   6-29-2018 by William and Deborah in Hammonton CA

Amy was great to work with, pleasant, prompt in returning calls, and knowledgeable.

  |   6-29-2018 by Katherine and James in Tehachapi CA

Constant follow up.

  |   6-26-2018 by David and Trysia in Sacramento CA

Everyone was very helpful & knowledgeable.

  |   6-26-2018 by Vincent and Laureen in Citrus Heights CA

Nikita - super kind and efficient!

  |   6-26-2018 by Peter and Valeria in Montebello CA

Always convey the information with a positive attitude, and kept us informed of updates.

  |   6-22-2018 by Laura in Pomona CA

Cierra was always very timely, knowledgeable, and answered my questions with patience and graciousness. Thank you!

  |   6-21-2018 by Michael in North St Paul MN

Super fast service… I did not think AIM would be able to close that quickly but they did!! I am one very impressed customer. Thank you Donna.

  |   6-21-2018 by Mary in Greensboro NC

Amy demonstrated a great deal of patience and fortitude in assisting me as a small business owner to provide the requested information and documents… I already contacted someone who plans to purchase a home in the next year to recommend AimLoan.

  |   6-21-2018 by Valinda in Dublin OH

Associates were very quick to reply with my questions.

  |   6-15-2018 by Nelda in Glen MS

Linda and Mari were awesome! They helped the process go smoothly and quickly.

  |   6-15-2018 by William and Yvette in Christiansburg VA

Yes, everyone was great – Jen was very patient, friendly, helpful & kept us organized. Jen rocks! But all were great.

  |   6-12-2018 by Lai and Tat in Alhambra CA

Updated loan status often.

  |   6-12-2018 by Teresa in Loomis CA

Amy was extremely helpful and patient. She was simply a jewel.

  |   6-12-2018 by Joseph and Pamelar in Santa Rosa CA

We have used AimLoan many times in the past. We have always been most pleased with their prompt and knowledgeable service. It is such a convenient way to do business. Thank you AimLoan!

  |   6-7-2018 by John in Littlerock CA

All associates performed outstandingly. The entire process was completed quickly. My notary was astonished at the pace and asked for a reference. I will continue to recommend.

  |   6-5-2018 by Carolina in Fort Lauderdale FL

The associates kept me updated on my loan status.

  |   6-1-2018 by David in San Diego CA

Both Linda and Sogol were responsive. I have worked with Linda many times.

  |   5-30-2018 by Johnice in Albuquerque NM

My loan was a struggle, I want to mention Linda she hung in there for me, we together with Mari worked on 3 different houses! Thank you Linda & Mari you are so wonderful!!! I am grateful.

  |   5-30-2018 by Peter and Katharina in Novato CA

The follow up calls to explain in detail what took place online great customer service!

  |   5-30-2018 by Jeremiah in Lake Forest IL

Elizabeth was great at answering any questions and concerns in a timely manner!  

  |   5-30-2018 by John in Zimmerman MN

Kept in touch. Put urgency into the process and it closed in record time.

  |   5-22-2018 by Harvey in Jacksonville FL

Janice and Stephanie, wanted to take a quick moment and thank both of y'all for the help with closing my mortgage last week.  I've been in my new house for seven days now (preparing it for the rest of the family this weekend!) and we're all very excited about future opportunities. Our title office had mentioned that y'all were one of the easiest closes they had in a long time.  I do not remember the verbatim quote, but the title agent had mentioned that their job would be a lot easier if every organization was as good as y'all.  I think we have a few believers in internet based mortgage companies between my real estate agent, the seller's agent, and the title office :) Thank you for not only the help along the way but also a problem free closing.  Good luck to y'all in the future!

  |   5-22-2018 by Julie in Hawthorne CA

They kept me informed through the entire process and were extremely helpful and knowledgeable.    

  |   5-17-2018 by John in Napa CA

Melanie was very helpful – very knowledgeable.   

  |   5-16-2018 by Brian in Portland OR

Very prompt and friendly exchange by phone and email.  

  |   5-16-2018 by Shane in Plano TX

Both Jen and Brian were fantastic to work with and they were very patient with my first time buyer questions.

  |   5-14-2018 by Brian and Diana in San Antonio TX

Thank you very much Elizabeth!  You and Brian have been a pleasure to work with and have another advocate for AIM Loan! I'll be singing your praises here to my friends in Texas and CA. 

  |   5-14-2018 by David in Santee CA

Amy was available at all times to answer my questions and help me through the process. She was the “Best.”

  |   5-9-2018 by John and Lydia in Culver City CA

Your staff was fantastic!

  |   5-9-2018 by Timothy in Wadsworth OH

Aimloan provided the best rate, lowest fees, most efficient, and helpful service of all the lenders I compared. I highly recommend!

  |   5-9-2018 by Lisa in Santa Paula CA

They were all excellent.

  |   5-9-2018 by Hezal and Pramesh in West Hills CA

Shana and Amy provided updates when requested, which made the process fast and smooth.

  |   5-9-2018 by Emilio and Vanessa in Arlington TX

Everyone was just wonderful. Nikita and Elizabeth helped to breakdown the mortgage so I could make extra payments to eliminate the mortgage quicker.

  |   5-2-2018 by Daniel and Emily in Conway SC

Janice was always quick to respond to phone calls and emails.

  |   5-2-2018 by Kyle and Nicole in Lansing IL

The “step completion” emails were very helpful.

  |   5-2-2018 by David in Las Vegas NV

Everyone was nice and professional.

  |   4-26-2018 by Cory in San Antonio TX

Sarah was one of the best loan processors I could have asked for. She was responsive, polite, and very helpful. 

  |   4-26-2018 by Rami in Pittsburg PA

They were excellent in following up when I left a voice message.