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  |   5-22-2018 by Julie in Hawthorne CA

They kept me informed through the entire process and were extremely helpful and knowledgeable.    

  |   5-17-2018 by John in Napa CA

Melanie was very helpful – very knowledgeable.   

  |   5-16-2018 by Brian in Portland OR

Very prompt and friendly exchange by phone and email.  

  |   5-16-2018 by Shane in Plano TX

Both Jen and Brian were fantastic to work with and they were very patient with my first time buyer questions.

  |   5-14-2018 by Brian and Diana in San Antonio TX

Thank you very much Elizabeth!  You and Brian have been a pleasure to work with and have another advocate for AIM Loan! I'll be singing your praises here to my friends in Texas and CA. 

  |   5-14-2018 by David in Santee CA

Amy was available at all times to answer my questions and help me through the process. She was the “Best.”

  |   5-9-2018 by John and Lydia in Culver City CA

Your staff was fantastic!

  |   5-9-2018 by Timothy in Wadsworth OH

Aimloan provided the best rate, lowest fees, most efficient, and helpful service of all the lenders I compared. I highly recommend!

  |   5-9-2018 by Lisa in Santa Paula CA

They were all excellent.

  |   5-9-2018 by Hezal and Pramesh in West Hills CA

Shana and Amy provided updates when requested, which made the process fast and smooth.

  |   5-9-2018 by Emilio and Vanessa in Arlington TX

Everyone was just wonderful. Nikita and Elizabeth helped to breakdown the mortgage so I could make extra payments to eliminate the mortgage quicker.

  |   5-2-2018 by Daniel and Emily in Conway SC

Janice was always quick to respond to phone calls and emails.

  |   5-2-2018 by Kyle and Nicole in Lansing IL

The “step completion” emails were very helpful.

  |   5-2-2018 by David in Las Vegas NV

Everyone was nice and professional.

  |   4-26-2018 by Cory in San Antonio TX

Sarah was one of the best loan processors I could have asked for. She was responsive, polite, and very helpful. 

  |   4-26-2018 by Rami in Pittsburg PA

They were excellent in following up when I left a voice message. 

  |   4-26-2018 by Andrew in Oxnard CA

Great communication from all AimLoan personnel I worked with. You all did a great job. 

  |   4-26-2018 by William and JoAnn in Cranberry Township PA

They made sure we closed within our Rate Lock. 

  |   4-20-2018 by Mark in Simi Valley CA

Heather was very helpful with any questions I had.

  |   4-16-2018 by Taylor in Auburn AL

Everyone involved was extremely helpful and timely during the process. I felt very well taken care of and like my loan was very important to each person helping me.

  |   4-16-2018 by Michael and Vanessa in Palm City FL

Tamanna and Elizabeth were both friendly, easy to reach, and communicative.

  |   4-16-2018 by Anthony and Deborah in Concord CA

Beth was great! She keeps you informed at all times. We highly recommend Beth.

  |   4-16-2018 by Philip and Lianee in Corte Madera CA

Luis was knowledgeable, courteous, diligent, and prompt. We were impressed with the level of service. We will be happy to recommend to others.

  |   4-16-2018 by Mary in Clovis CA

Sarah was very patient with me and understanding so was Robert.

  |   4-16-2018 by Chad and Cristina in San Diego CA

I like how straightforward and clear the entire process was and easy to upload required documents. Also, it was very helpful to have the list of steps and see the update in each step as it got completed.

  |   4-16-2018 by Edward in Houston TX

All of the associates I dealt with were very friendly and professional.  

  |   4-16-2018 by Anthony in Kingman AZ

Irma and Stephanie always replied quickly and overall kept pace with me. I respect that greatly.

  |   4-11-2018 by Richard in Gulf Shores AL

Linda was pleasant, courteous, and professorial, as was Heather. Aimloan walked me through the home loan process step by step in a manner that was calm, efficient, and focused.

  |   4-9-2018 by Kevin and Christine in Scottsdale AZ

Keon was a fantastic loan processor – he did a great job!  

  |   4-5-2018 by Joel in Carmel IN

Heather and Janice did a great job helping meet timelines and closing the deal. Thank you! 

  |   4-5-2018 by Zayd and Jasmine in Columbus OH

Both Shana and Heather were very responsive and patient with our questions. It was a seamless process from start to finish. 

  |   4-5-2018 by Patricia and Dennis in Bay City MI

Gilbert was very professional. He returned calls in a timely manner and answered questions to our satisfaction.

  |   4-5-2018 by Edward and Leslie in Pittsburg TX

Elizabeth was very informative, on top of each situation, courteous, responded quickly and helpful! 

  |   4-5-2018 by John and Bonita in Williamsburg VA

Janice and Nikki were each excellent to work with. Janice was personable, knowledgeable and articulate. Nikki was likewise wonderful to work with.

  |   4-5-2018 by Jack and Debra in Bakersfield CA

Each of the employees that I worked with were extremely knowledgeable and quick to respond to any calls or emails that we made. We feel the entire process went through smoothly.

  |   4-5-2018 by Gregory and Carrie in Hoboken NJ

Aimloan and Beth were the one thing that made buying our home easy. The loan process was a breeze and I just wanted to say thank you so much for that! I would definitely recommend Aimloan to my family and friends.  

  |   4-5-2018 by Charles and Nancy in Chicago IL

Amy was friendly, courteous, and very responsive.

  |   4-5-2018 by Gregory and Christine in Marietta GA

Elizabeth did a great job working my loan through the underwriting process. She was very helpful, patient, and courteous.

  |   3-27-2018 by Donald in Montgomery AL

We communicated very well, prompt, and courteous.  Everything went very fast.

  |   3-27-2018 by Peggy in Vacaville CA

Bree was great! They were upfront, no hidden fees. It was pleasure doing business with AimLoan. AimLoan is perfect this is my third loan with them.

  |   3-20-2018 by David in Oceano CA

Constant communication with all from my first call to Brian to everyone in funding.

  |   3-20-2018 by Charles and Barbara in Stevenson WA

Jen was very professional, she was prompt and thorough all our dealings. She was a pleasure to work with.

  |   3-20-2018 by Prashant and Umadevi in Cave Creek AZ

Since I was retired there was a lot of paperwork needed for loan approval. Sogol guided me through the process with the utmost care!

  |   3-20-2018 by Karla and Brett in Lubbock TX

Betty and Sarah answered questions quickly.

  |   3-9-2018 by Nhatnam and Alice in San Diego CA

Donna is very good at coordinating the whole thing. I have been using AimLoan for 15 years. They are my go to lender for all new investment property acquired. They are very good at what they do and close on time, every time. Thanks AimLoan.

  |   3-9-2018 by Jacquendez in Dallas TX

Everyone was courteous, helpful and very nice.

  |   3-8-2018 by Lori in Drayton SC

Janice and Judy were professionals. The communication process was prompt and thorough. The outline of the 10 step process and the reminder emails of progress were helpful. I will not hesitate to use in the future. 

  |   3-8-2018 by Daniel and Pamela in Bakersfield CA

Aresi was on top of things at all times, it was awesome! She went the extra mile. 

  |   3-8-2018 by David in Phoenix AZ

Janice and Judy both were perfect and I could not have been any more satisfied. Aimloan got me the best rate so far, and their customer service and professionalism is vastly superior than any other company I have ever dealt with. 

  |   3-8-2018 by Andrew and Abigail in Albuquerque NM

Our first house fell through and Sogol helped the process for our second house go very smoothly.