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  |   10-11-2017 by Paul in Smithville OH

Annalisa and all the other folks were very professional and courteous. They really worked hard on my loan. Keep doing what you do.

  |   10-11-2017 by Patrick and Sarah in Mount Pleasant SC

Everyone was so responsive every step of the way! We closed so quickly because the team worked like a well-oiled machine. Thanks for everything!

  |   10-11-2017 by Sarah and Don in Jacksonville NC

The Aimloan representatives were always courteous and communicated. We would do business with Aimloan again.

  |   10-11-2017 by John in Auburn Hills MI

Essentially everything Jen did was great. She was extremely helpful.

  |   10-11-2017 by Carlos in Chula Vista CA

Outstanding service from the following persons: Irma, Mari, Angelica, and Christine. 

  |   10-11-2017 by Robert and Lisa in Columbia MD

All of the employees were courteous and helpful in this refinance process

  |   10-11-2017 by Uwe and Shannon in Trabuco Canyon CA

Vanessa was extremely responsive, helpful and kind. 

  |   10-11-2017 by Michael in Chattanooga TN

 Associates were always quick to reply and kept me well informed. 

  |   10-11-2017 by Gene and Linda in Fulshear TX

Esther was always available via phone or email. 

  |   10-9-2017 by Gerald in Littleton CO

Amy was very helpful.

  |   10-4-2017 by John and Deborah in Gray ME

The entire process went very well. All associates were prompt and professional. Much more competitive than our local market and still very convenient. Closing agent came right to my house. Done deal in less than 30 days!

  |   10-4-2017 by Gwen in Albuquerque NM

Jenny was very helpful and answered my never ending questions. 

  |   10-4-2017 by Galen in Platte City MO

Responded quickly to my questions and the status of documents I faxed in. They kept me well informed throughout the entire complicated process.

  |   9-29-2017 by Paul and Christine in San Diego CA

Everything was outstanding. Thank you for the tremendous service!

I am writing to commend and thank the AimLoan Team on the exceptional job they performed refinancing our home loan. The refinancing was performed extremely well, professionally, effectively, and the entire process was spectacular. 

In particular, I want to personally thank Linda, Beth, Bernice, and their support team of professionals. These aforementioned experts performed admirably, were considerate and caring, professionally answered all my questions, and treated me and my wife with respect and dignity. As such, these ladies, and your entire team of Subject Matter Experts, are a tremendous credit to the AimLoan name. 

  |   9-29-2017 by Jennifer in Altus OK

Donna was fantastic! She was always available to answer any questions. The entire process was very smooth. I highly recommend AIM and would use them again without question.

  |   9-29-2017 by Susan and Sean in Elk River MN

Luis was always professional, responded to our called and messages promptly, and took the time to answer our questions. Our refinance closed on time and I felt the process went smoothly. Luis was easy to work with, and I wouldn't hesitate to work with him again or recommend him to others.

  |   9-29-2017 by Christian and Diana in Lakewood WA

Lauren was very patient walking us through the steps and responsive to emails. 

  |   9-29-2017 by Naveen in Bentonville AR

I came to know everything upfront. Nothing was hidden.

  |   9-29-2017 by Michael and Deborah in Mobile AL

Jay and Kelli were excellent reps. They took away some of the unease of an internet loan.

  |   9-26-2017 by Bradford and Roxanna in Portland OR

Both April and Kourtney were kind, friendly, helpful, and efficient!

  |   9-26-2017 by Douglas in Coppell TX

I would like to commend two of your employees, both of whom were pleasant, helpful, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with. They are Khola and Robert.

  |   9-25-2017 by Shan in Charlotte NC

Each person kept the lines of communication open. They answered all questions.

  |   9-25-2017 by John in Elmwood Park NJ

Erica and Mari were outstanding. Mari even stayed after hours to help me at one point. 

  |   9-25-2017 by Billy in Indian Land SC

They were always responsive to my questions.

  |   9-19-2017 by David and Kimbery in Hyde Park UT

All the associates on our loan were great. I am so impressed with the service. I will recommend AimLoan to anyone. I am in the mortgage business. This was the easiest loan I have ever had. Seriously.

  |   9-19-2017 by Chad and Christina in New Castle PA

Communication was great from all associates. We were kept well-informed throughout the entire process.

  |   9-19-2017 by Gary and Anne in San Francisco CA

Betty and Kelli provided outstanding service!

  |   9-19-2017 by Heidi and Hector in Crystal MN

Jacylyn was VERY knowlegeable and responsive. She answered detailed questions very well and showed deep understanding.

  |   9-18-2017 by Michael in Rose Hill KS

I was impressed with all associates at all steps in the loan process. Hands down the best way to acquire a loan.

  |   9-18-2017 by Daniel and Claudia in Lancaster CA

Everything was good, but the speed of the process was impressive. As fast as we could provide the paperwork, steps were completed on the AIM side.

  |   9-18-2017 by Bradley and Laurie in Rosemount MN

Cierra and Khola were great. Cierra in particular was very detailed in her responses and very quick to respond, and everyone really knew the business and the process. 

  |   9-18-2017 by Kelley in Peyton CO

My very first contact with AIM sold me on your company. She was capable and put me at ease. Linda and Hannah handled my case expertly. 

  |   9-18-2017 by Sarah in Oceanside CA

Outstanding customer service. Easy access to my loan specialist. Ashanti - she's the best. 

  |   9-12-2017 by Billy and Elizabeth in Festus MO

I felt informed the whole time and I liked working through email.

I was checking refinance rates through when I found this company. I did a little research to make sure it was legit. My own bank contacted me during this time to refinance but could not touch the rate so I proceeded and am very pleased with the service and rates I received. I will recommend to anyone looking to do refinance. Thank you!

  |   9-12-2017 by Charles and Rita in Surprise AZ

Kelly and her team did an outstanding job throughout the process. Special acknowledgement to Jenny.

  |   9-12-2017 by Ann in Fillmore CA

Nikita always got back to me promptly when I had questions. Very professional. The best and fastest refi I've ever had.

  |   9-12-2017 by Steven and Tua in Louisville KY

Chelsea was excellent to work with and kept me very informed. 

  |   9-12-2017 by Sonya and William in Temperance MI

Everyone was great and did a terrific job!

  |   9-12-2017 by Jason and Judith in Defiance OH

Donna was fantastic! She was extremely helpful and quickly responded to any concerns we had! Thank you!

  |   9-12-2017 by Dennis in Frankfort IN

Excellent, professional service.

  |   9-12-2017 by Jami and Billy in Jonesboro AR

Everyone was very friendly and helpful.

  |   9-11-2017 by David and Patricia in Westcliffe CO

Everyone with whom we dealt was first-rate. We will be calling again in ten years or so.

  |   9-11-2017 by Randall in Prescott AZ

Very helpful!

  |   9-8-2017 by Linda in Vail AZ

Always available to help. Returned phone calls promptly.

  |   9-7-2017 by Rachel and Daniel in East Bruswick NJ

I am positively blown away by my experience with AimLoan. From my very first call with Annalisa to the final email telling me we were done, the process could not have been easier. You eliminate all the pain points and all the confusion (and all the driving - the notary came to my house at 8 pm? What?!). The emails to tell me when we'd completed every step and what comes next are genius. Two banks tried to explain why the rate wasn't possible - and both were proven wrong. I am an extremely satisfied customer - and will be sharing the story of my experience with anyone who will listen! Thank you Annalisa!

  |   9-7-2017 by Meredith and Steven in Dublin OH

The entire process was straight-forward and clear. I did my research and checked the reviews of others through third-party sites and was happy to find others had great experiences with their loan processing. It made me confident in starting the process online. Every person we dealt with along the way was nice, professional, and efficient! We couldn't be happier! To top it off, our appraisal came back higher than anticipated and AIM called to let us know that because of the higher appraisal rate we qualified for a slightly lower interest rate. I challenge anyone going through the refi process to see if their loan company would do that for them!

  |   9-7-2017 by Daniel in Jamul CA

Constant communication was very much appreciated. This is my 6th mortgage with AimLoan. Dominique and Shana are outstanding!

  |   8-31-2017 by Bob in Columbia MD

Very helpful staff at AimLoan made this one of the easiest refinances we have ever done. We love where they kept us up to date with the 12-steps you use to help track the loan. 

  |   8-31-2017 by Keith and Joan in Toledo OH

They all worked together to move my closing date from 8/18 to 8/11. This allowed me to move before my school started. They contacted other parties involved to keep everyone on track to make this all happen sooner for me. Thank you!

  |   8-29-2017 by Charles in Grand Rapids MI

Beth was wonderful! She made sure I turned in all my documents promptly and accommodated me even though I was traveling for work for the bulk of the loan process. When my realtor was interacting with Beth on my behalf, she commented that she was surprised than an internet loan company could offer such great service, and even said she felt like I was Beth's only loan that she was handling - I have to admit I felt the same way at times. Thank you!