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  |   11-27-2002 by Brett and Charlotte in Oakland

"Kept me up to date on the progress and made me feel very reassured. She (Molly) was excellent!"

  |   11-27-2002 by James and Marisa in Laguna Beach

"Excellent follow-up, especially by e-mail. Always professional!"

  |   11-27-2002 by Joe and Mary in San Leandro

"Very professional, yet friendly... very prompt on answering questions. Always followed up on queries; Jonni was very helpful and always followed up!"

  |   11-26-2002 by Bruce and Sandra in Escondido

"Jonni was very responsive...she promptly returned my calls with answers. I always felt like I was her only loan! Great service! I was also pleased with how fast our loan was processed at a great rate! Thanks for the great service!"

  |   11-20-2002 by Bryan in Fresno

"Fast information via e-mail. I feel she worked very hard to close the loan."

  |   11-20-2002 by Usama and Lynn in Pleasant Hill

"Kept us up to date on loan status through e-mails."

  |   11-20-2002 by Arnold in Campbell

"Everything that Jonni did was totally outstanding! Her e-mails were really excellent and timely. It was great being able to call and get right to her when I needed-never had to wait. Your website is excellent, I got the perfect rate and payment as promised. Working with Jonni was wonderful! This was the best experience I've ever had, over about 10 refi's in 17 years. Thank you so much for your help and wonderful service!"

  |   11-13-2002 by Thomas and Starlene in Penn Valley

"Never failed to return a call or e-mail!"

  |   11-13-2002 by Paul and Angelica in Garden Grove

"Very helpful with answering any question!"

  |   11-13-2002 by David and Madeleine in Danville

"It took a little longer than I hoped, but all in all it went quite well, thanks to Molly."