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  |   12-12-2007 by Joseph and Mary Jean in Byron, MN

“ My experience with has been exceptional. From the very beginning, Janice was attentive and informative. She provided me with the best loan products to fit my situation. She when out of the way to find me the best deal at the time. As for the loan application and processing steps, Kristen was amazing. She kept the process moving and always let me know how the process was going and what she needed me to provide to her. I am happy to tell everyone what a great experience this was. Your rates and fees are among the very lowest in the industry but your service is top notch. Keep up the GREAT work. I highly recommend to anyone looking for a mortgage. I know I will be back!”<br>

  |   12-11-2007 by Francesca in Aliso Viejo, CA

“Both Christina and Brandon showed a great level of professionalism!”<br>

  |   12-11-2007 by Lawrence &amp; Cristie in Queen Creek, AZ

“Mikki and Khola were both very helpful and informative. They were always pleasant to talk with. Mikki was very helpful in making sure the loan was closed on time.”<br>

  |   12-11-2007 by Thomas in Pismo Beach, CA

“Both Khola and Melisa were top notch!”<br>

  |   12-10-2007 by Janet in Los Angeles, CA

“Millie was very friendly and helpful all the time! Rian spent after work hours to move my paperwork forward – she’s reliable and conscientious.”<br>

  |   12-10-2007 by Edwin &amp; Rebecca in Los Angeles, CA

“They always returned my calls. Andi was always friendly and professional”.<br>

  |   11-30-2007 by Gregory and Rosemarie in Delray Beach, FL

“Rian did a superb job, even during the tragic fires in Southern California!”

  |   11-30-2007 by Erickson and Maylin in Fremont, CA

“Rian did an excellent job of communicating document requirements and staying on top of my application.”

  |   11-30-2007 by Kevin in Reseda, CA

“Rian and Brandon were very courteous and professional. Rian was very accommodating of dates to close my loan to help minimize my costs. I’m very grateful for that. “

  |   11-30-2007 by Douglas in Toledo, OH

“Rian and Janice did a phenomenal follow thru to get the loan closed in under 30 days.”