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  |   11-25-2007 by Jennifer in Washington DC

“Brandon was very good at explaining loan terms on the very first call. Jill was always immediately responsive to my calls and emails.”

  |   11-20-2007 by Judson and Joyce in Prescott, AZ

“Christina and Linda were patient understanding and very good at answering my questions thoroughly.”

  |   11-20-2007 by Steven and Lynn in Rough and Ready, CA

“Mikki and Izabela were very nice. Mikki was wonderful to work with during the process of the loan. I would use again and have already recommended to many of my friends.”

  |   11-14-2007 by Ventura and Patsy in Rancho Cucamonga, CA

“Dawn and Millie were very knowledgeable and very willing to help in all aspects. They seem more like friends than two women whom I have never met. I am very satisfied and have referred several friends to Thank you for all your help.”

  |   11-14-2007 by Barbara in Naperville, IL

“After my initial contact with Linda, Dawn did an exceptional job processing my loan application and keeping me promptly informed throughout the stages. She even exceeded my expectations in immediately scheduling my closing. Linda and Dawn showed the kind of competency and professionalism I would like to see in the people I work alongside.”

  |   11-12-2007 by Erik in Belmont, CA

“Maricruz kept me informed nearly everyday of the status of my loan, whether it was a phone call or email.”<br>

  |   11-12-2007 by Moshe in San Jose, CA

“Jill and Linda were very prompt and courteous to all questions and information I requested.”<br>

  |   11-9-2007 by Thomas and Amy in Hilo, HI

“Andi was great to work with, not only was my loan handled professionally the cost savings was tremendous.”

  |   11-9-2007 by Mark and Kathleen in Palo Alto, CA

“Andi worked through last minute miscommunications to achieve a timely signing. She really worked hard to ensure our needs were met.”

  |   11-6-2007 by Matthew and Jerrae in

“Linda is very helpful and kind. She kept me informed and educated on my loan options. She was a great person to work with.”