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  |   12-30-2008 by Francisco in Palmdale, CA

Lora's team responded with prompt communication and responsiveness to my queries. Lora's entire team is great and very professional.

  |   12-30-2008 by Peter and Tiffany in Northwood, NH

Kristen was very helpful and friendly. She would respond to my emails immediately.

  |   12-30-2008 by Matthew and Renee in Trumbull, CT

Kristen was fantastic!! She kept us informed on a continual basis and connected with our attorney-keeping the communication open to everyone at all times.

  |   12-30-2008 by David in Elk Grove, CA

Shabnam responded quickly to all emails and phone calls and completed everything very quickly. She and Linda were very knowledgeable about the process.

  |   12-29-2008 by Ann in San Francisco, CA

I refinanced 2 mortgage loans with Aimloan and Rian was absolutely wonderful to work with. She is courteous, professional, knowledgeable, resourceful, prompt and always very pleasant on the phone. I must admit I was hesitant initially to apply to an online lender in general and to Aimloan in particular, as I had never heard of Aimloan before. In the end, Aimloan and Rian more than exceeded my expectations in every way. I received excellent rates and five-star service from Aimloan. What more can one ask for from a mortgage lender, on-line or off-line? A million thanks to Rian and Aimloan!

  |   12-15-2008 by Amrish in Fullerton, CA

Melisa, thank you very much for everything. Just yesterday my realtor Chris was asking me about you, AimLoan and the service as he wants to buy some properties. My answer was that "I am extremely happy with AimLoan service and especially Melisa's quick response, patience, and straight answers to every issue. I tried online lender (Aimloan) for the first time and I am definitely going back. I am absolutely giving you a good rating, spread the word and coming back. I like the upfront estimate and rate lock from Aimloan.

  |   12-15-2008 by Pete and Tiffany in Rochester, NH

Just wanted to send over a quick thanks to Kristen-you were extremely helpful during the whole process, and your responsiveness to any of my questions was incredible. Many times you responded to my question in less than a minute! We are all moved in and getting settled in our new home. Thanks to you and Janice for all your help during your part of the home buying process.

  |   12-10-2008 by Melinda and Michael in Arlington, VA

Each person on the team was helpful and satisfied every question and request.

  |   12-10-2008 by Douglas and Trista in Ladera Ranch, CA

Khola was extremely knowledgeable and answered all my initial questions honestly. Kristen was a pleasure to work with throughout the loan process and was extremely responsive to all my questions.

  |   12-3-2008 by Kiet and Janice in Corona, CA

Kristen made me feel like my file was the only file on her desk.