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  |   12-31-2009 by Edward in Ripon

Carmela was very professional and answered all our questions clearly. It was a very smooth process and exceeded all expectations.

  |   12-31-2009 by Robert in Simi Valley, CA

Cami was friendly and knowledgeable. Steve was also great and followed up quickly on all calls.

  |   12-31-2009 by Fawn in Hampton, NH

Cami and David were pleasant and professional. Thank you for all of your help!

  |   12-31-2009 by Michael in Trabuco Canyon, CA

Great communication! Always courteous.

  |   12-31-2009 by Gino in Denver, CO

Cami was extremely professional, reassuring, and friendly while she helped me over the phone. Gina ws equally as wonderful as our processor. I am so impressed by this company that I will certainly use AimLoan in the future.

  |   12-31-2009 by Bruce in San Diego, CA

Such a fantastic team. So responsive and professional!

  |   12-31-2009 by Michael in Richmond, VA

It has been a pleasure working with you, David. You sure made the process easy! I will definitely be giving you high marks on the Customer Satisfaction Survey and be recommending you to friends and family.

  |   12-31-2009 by Matthew in San Diego, CA

Carmela was very helpful and accomodating!

  |   12-31-2009 by Thuc in Huntington Beach, CA

Prompt and timely answers via e-mail and phone.

  |   12-29-2009 by Pablo in Chula Vista, CA

Dante and Cami were very professional, friendly, and considerate.