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  |   12-29-2015 by Jon and Anna in Bonney Lake WA

Kourtney was very courteous in answering all my questions and always answered my phone calls.

  |   12-29-2015 by Wayne and Jennifred in Rancho Santa Margarita CA

Kathy was exceptional in helping us through this process and returned our calls very promptly! We will certainly recommend you!

  |   12-29-2015 by Ronald in Biloxi MS

All the associates I communicated with were very professional and helped me through this process. 

  |   12-29-2015 by Thomas and Denise in Mission Viejo CA

Sheema worked hard to gather all the documents we needed from the various parties in the transaction. We can’t think of anything we would change- it was a very satisfying experience.

  |   12-24-2015 by Andrew in Portland OR

Kathy kept me informed of the process regularly and answered all my questions accurately. My best experience ever with refi’s and I have had four or five previously.

  |   12-24-2015 by Nannette and James in Bend OR

Amanda went out of her way to make everything work for us and was very responsive. 

  |   12-23-2015 by Rick in Monterey Park CA

The file was difficult but Amanda made all accommodations reasonable to get the file approved. It was nice to know I had her on my side as my advocate.

  |   12-23-2015 by John and Vicki in Frisco TX

Cierra was very prompt and courteous!

  |   12-21-2015 by Ryan and Joanie in Idaho Falls ID

Lukas was excellent at communicating with us throughout the process. This was my fourth mortgage with AimLoan. I will come back for a fifth. It is better than my credit union experience.  

  |   12-21-2015 by Rebecca and Nick in Floyd VA

Everyone we talked to was helpful and efficient. It was an all around good experience.