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  |   7-25-2003 by Craig and Coralyn in Ojai

"We especially appreciated Rhonda's professional and positive attitude. If we had a question she would get back to us immediately with an answer."

  |   7-25-2003 by Chueh in Rowland Heights

"Jonni- was quick in processing my refinance."

  |   7-23-2003 by Otto in Fontana

"Jonni & Linda- I wanted to thank you personally for all your hard work, it's much appreciated. I think this time around the process has been better, I'm glad to see that AimLoan takes improving on a good thing seriously. "

  |   7-23-2003 by Koichi in La Canada Flintridge

"Angie- Thank you for all your help and guidance through this refinancing procedure. We can't thank you enough for making this process so smooth and efficient."

  |   7-23-2003 by Matthew and Stacy in San Clemente

" Julian Varga was amazingly helpful, courteous and efficient."

  |   7-22-2003 by Mario in San Ramon

"Dorothy, thank you for an excellent service! You and the process itself were organized and efficient. I was very pleased with the overall process..... And thanks to Linda too who was really very professional, accommodating and promptly responsive during my intial inquiries."

  |   7-21-2003 by Scott in San Diego

"Very, friendly and helpful and I liked informative website."

  |   7-18-2003 by Anthony in San Diego

"Dorothy, thanks so much for all your help in bringing all the paperwork together and keeping us informed of the loan status as things progressed. Because of your efforts this has been the most Hassle Free loan we have ever obtained!!!"

  |   7-17-2003 by Mark and Susan in Mill Valley

"Dorothy was very prompt. Sometimes, she seemed go be in a chat room with me."

  |   7-16-2003 by Paul and Anita in La Verne

"Millie gave me a few tips to make locking in the rate faster and easier... everything went smoothly, no complaints."

  |   7-16-2003 by Manuel and Ana in South San Francisco

"Emailed status of loan. Letters clear and easy to understand."

  |   7-15-2003 by Jon in San Diego

"Rhonda was kind, courteous, timely and knowledgeable."

  |   7-15-2003 by Barbara in Murrietta

"Angie- Thank you so much it has been a pleasure working with you and I appreciate all your help!! Thanks Alot!!"

  |   7-15-2003 by Joanne in Burbank

"Thanks Vanessa!!.... you've been absolutely great and I really appreciate all your hard work on my loan. I can't tell you how many people I tell to use Aimloan!! ... you make it so very easy!! Thanks, again...and if I do it again... there is NO DOUBT, I'd certainly go through you!"

  |   7-15-2003 by Paul in San Diego

"Excellent communication, I liked the whole process- minimum paperwork and maximum convenience ....., I would go with AIMLOAN again."

  |   7-15-2003 by Alvaro in Bell Gardens

" Molly and Julian were efficient and courteous."

  |   7-15-2003 by Richard and Jaime in Lake Elsinore

" Your staff is the benchmark in the financial industry! Best service in the industry!"

  |   7-11-2003 by Nilda in Gardena

"Eileen...a thank you doesn't say it all but.. you've done an excellent job. I've never been more pleased and it's all your fault! I will not only spread the word ... I will brag about you and I hope your company only hires more like yourself! Thank you so much! P.S... my friend in Dallas who started his loan 2 weeks before me is just in the process of signing the loan document, how about that! You guys are the best!"

  |   7-11-2003 by Brian and Dee in Glendale

"Dorothy, I just wantedto thank you for your help. We were very impressed with your services. It was surprisingly quick and easy!! Thanks again for all your help."

  |   7-7-2003 by Rob in Alta Loma

"Rhonda has been very friendly, conscientious and hard working; all of which are extremely valuable customer service attributes that did not go unnoticed."

  |   7-3-2003 by Edward in Studio City

"They work very fast."

  |   7-3-2003 by James and Linda in Irvine

"Jonni kept us updated on our loan status throughout the process."

  |   7-3-2003 by Mike and Krista in Escondido

"Thanks Eileen, I will recommend you to anyone interested in a home loan or refinance. The process was great!!"

  |   7-3-2003 by Sylvester and Beverley in Corona

"We especially loved Milie and her tiredless efforts to secure the type of loan we wanted. Millie, you're the best!"

  |   7-3-2003 by Mark in San Clemente

"Jonni... Thank so much for your help. This was the smoothest loan process I have ever been involved with. Thanks again for all your help! You were great!"

  |   7-2-2003 by Bud in Los Angeles

"Rhonda, it was a pleasure to work with you again. The second time was easier than the first! Thanks again for your outstanding service."

  |   6-30-2003 by Joseph and Lori in Escondido

"Updated a question on my loan while I was on vacation."

  |   6-26-2003 by Erik and Jennifer in San Anselmo

"Stephanie was professional, knowledgeable, and very helpful. I have already recommended because of the excellent service she provided!"

  |   6-25-2003 by Anthony and Margaret in Salinas

"Eileen was the epitome of professionalism and superb customer service. She went the extra mile in attempting to schedule our signing before we left on vacation!"

  |   6-25-2003 by Kenneth in Coto de Caza

"Very prompt response to inquiries I had regarding the status of my loan!"

  |   6-25-2003 by Thuy and Luan in San Diego

"Just a note to express my sincere appreciation for the job that your staff did helping us to refinance our condo. With their helping save us a lot of time and money. We love the way that Rhonda takes care of the business. She always promptly replied to my inquiries with her expertise and professional attitude!"

  |   6-25-2003 by James and Sandra in San Diego

"During the underwriting process, I was kept abreast of issues so I could provide supporting documentation for clarification."

  |   6-25-2003 by Jorge in Bell Gardens

"Everything was excellent...would refinance again with your company! Stephanie was great!"

  |   6-16-2003 by Mary in Ventura

"Eileen is a dream to work with. She is the main reason I am so satisfied!"

  |   6-16-2003 by Ramanna and Jyothi in Union City

"Dorothy kept us up-to-date on progress of the loan and explained the loan process. She accommodated our work schedule and arranged for an attorney to visit our home at 7:30AM. Best of all, the website provided rates and costs up front without requiring to sign up, provide email or phone number and the whole process was very transparent!"

  |   6-13-2003 by Corazon and Santos in Los Angeles

"She kept me posted once, twice, sometimes three times a day! I can't complain at all about Dorothy's devotion. I have refinanced three times already and have had the most efficient and knowledgeable staff... keep up the good work!"

  |   6-13-2003 by Jorge and Maria in Los Angeles

"Linda and Dorothy were both very prompt and professional. I was very please with of them and Khola!"

  |   6-13-2003 by Javier and Alicia in Victorville

"Her (Rhonda's) friendliness and her promptness in returning our calls and answering our questions. We knew she was there for us and for that we greatly appreciate her time and efforts... Thanks!"

  |   6-12-2003 by Veronica in Victorville

"Lori went out of her way to call me back before I left work or home as I requested. Eventhough I was a tough client, she still remained calm!"

  |   6-12-2003 by Raymond in Los Angeles

"All employees were extremely helpful. I enjoyed working with Andi - she was informative, organized, and quick to respond to my calls...very professional!"

  |   6-12-2003 by Debra and Zenon in Atwater

"Very honest...gave us informative answers and helped get what was best for us. No games!"

  |   6-11-2003 by Jim in San Diego

"Lora, thanks so much for your help with the process. You handled all of my questions/issues very well and I appreciate your efforts. Thanks to you and your team!"

  |   6-9-2003 by Aaron in Spring Valley

"Everybody was great! Thanks for everything...Painless!"

  |   6-9-2003 by Brian and Renee in Oceanside

"They (Dorothy and Jay) always returned my phone calls promptly. They were always available!"

  |   6-5-2003 by Michael and Lisa in Alpine

"Good, prompt communications!"

  |   5-30-2003 by Tuan and Molly in Milpitas

"I liked the 'courtesy and friendliness' part when I dealt with your people."

  |   5-30-2003 by Karen in Petaluma

"Katie was patient and understanding when I requested further information prior to signing the Flood Certificate."

  |   5-30-2003 by Cynthia and Howard in Fairfield

"Angie was very pleasant, courteous and helpful - both via e-mail and phone. She was also very prompt in responding to questions and working with our schedule... Thanks Angie!"

  |   5-30-2003 by Rudy and Maggie in Ranchos Palos Verdes

"She (Jonni) was just excellent in every area. I have refinanced several loans five or six times and this refi. was the best by far and Jonni was a big part of that reason!"

  |   5-30-2003 by Bryan and K. Anne in Rancho Palos Verdes

"Entire experience and process was easiest of all real estate loans we have had. Corresponding via email including use of attachments was great! Thank you."