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  |   3-28-2003 by Magdalene and Richard in San Diego

"Aimloan is quick in responding by email and by phone...Very friendly and patient in answering questions."

  |   3-28-2003 by Constantin & Roxana in Whittier

"Jill was courteous and knowledgeable"

  |   3-27-2003 by Gilbert in Los Angeles

"Rhonda was great! She e-mailed me frequently with updates and made the process so painless. Escrow closed in less than 30 days! The appraiser was very professional... I still can't believe the process was so quick... Please see that Rhonda gets a raise!!!"

  |   3-27-2003 by in ike

"Andi, I really appreciate the follow up and your dedication to your customers, especially at the end of a very long day. I think AIM is lucky to have you as an employee!"

  |   3-27-2003 by John and Marilyn in San Diego

"Molly took AIM at our needs in a most professional, expert and timely manner. Even though the process was substantially by e-mail, we always felt informed and in constant contact. Before we knew it, the refinancing was effortlessly completed!"

  |   3-27-2003 by Doris and Chi-Pang in Los Angeles

"Andi, Extremely Efficient!"

  |   3-27-2003 by John and Marilyn in San Diego

"Molly took "AIM" at our needs in a most professional, expert and timely manner. Even though the process was substantially by e-mail, we always felt informed and in constant contact. Before we knew it, the refinance was effortlessly completed!"

  |   3-27-2003 by Jimmie and Marie in San Clemente

"Jonni went out of her way to help us through the process and made it as easy as she could. As a result, the whole process was painless!"

  |   3-27-2003 by Gilbert in Los Angeles

"Rhonda was great! She emailed me frequently with updates and made the process so painless. I still can't believe the process was so quick!"

  |   3-27-2003 by Jimmie and Marie in San Clemente

"Jonni, went out of her way to help us through the process and made it as easy as she could. As a result the whole process was painless! Jonni was so easy and pleasant to work with, I would work with her anytime!"

  |   3-26-2003 by Simon in San Jose

"Angie and Julian, Thank you for wonderfully and cordially handling the entire process. It has been very convenient, easy, quick, and customer friendly. I am so impressed that I've already referred a family friend to you. You have been very cooperative and patient as well. I will definitely come back as a satisfied customer!"

  |   3-26-2003 by Sudha in Sunnyvale

"Thank you have been terrific! I raved about you to my friend and she is now going through Aimloan as well!"

  |   3-21-2003 by Chiemi in Irvine

"Jonni and Julian, Thank you so much for all your help! I have been referring you to some of my friends!"

  |   3-21-2003 by Jorge in San Marino

"Thank you Angie for your assistance throughout the loan process. Your firm has found a way to make things work more smoothly than is typically the case and your customers appreciate that!"

  |   3-20-2003 by Richard & Margit in Los Angeles

"Lora's emails were always friendly, helpful, prompt, and had a positive tone. We loved working with her! We have used your service in the past and will use it again in the future!"

  |   3-20-2003 by Arturo in Thousand Oaks

"Lori was great! She kept me informed and was always courteous!"

  |   3-20-2003 by David and Jesse in Alpine

"Dorothy kept us informed with up-to-date information on a daily basis. We really appreciated the attention to communication!"

  |   3-20-2003 by Joseph in Salinas

"Friendly, timely in finding answers for questions!"

  |   3-18-2003 by Jeff and Shelly in Irvine

"Jonni's personality was always cheerful and pleasant!"

  |   3-17-2003 by Shohreh and Miles in San Diego

"Lori was very helpful in the overall process!"

  |   3-17-2003 by Nicholas in La Jolla

"Constant contact!"

  |   3-14-2003 by Susan in Glendale

"I always felt secure from the beginning to the end. I have never had an e-mail/telephone transaction relationship that was this positive! You (Rhonda) were more than attentive to every detail of the loan process. I would recommend you in a heartbeat! Your company is very fortunate to have such a dedicated employee who must love what she is doing. It is reflected in every e-mail and telephone conversation. I cannot thank you enough!"

  |   3-14-2003 by Jin and Jeong in San Jose

"My loan was closed very quickly. I was amazed at the speed. Aimloan updated me on the status of my loan in a timely manner. I already recommended Aimloan to my friends!"

  |   3-14-2003 by Richard and Ann in Manhattan Beach

"Linda took a lot of time to explain the loan process. She went out of her way for us even before we became clients. Jill was very quick in e-mail responses. Both Linda and Jill were excellent in their performance!"

  |   3-14-2003 by Kathryn and Christopher in San Luis Obispo

"Angie was super helpful and always responded to my questions quickly!"

  |   3-13-2003 by Mike in Palo Alto

"You (Jonni) and Millie were very helpful and responsive! I'm sure this has been a very busy time, yet I felt that you both were very good about answering my questions! Thanks again for all your help."

  |   3-13-2003 by David and Susan in Cypress

"Dorothy was just pleasant and easy to work with... we've already referred two people to you!"

  |   3-13-2003 by Judy in La Mesa

"Dorothy, thank you for helping me to refinance my mortgage. What I appreciate the most is your persistence and effort... I also like your promptness in responding to my inquiries and keeping me abreast of the status of the process!"

  |   3-13-2003 by David & Susan in Cypress

"Dorothy was very pleasant and easy to work with"

  |   3-13-2003 by Joann and Michael in San Diego

"Linda was very helpful in assisting us to complete the on line application and answering our initial questions! Rhonda was very helpful and knowledgeable in handling our refinance loan. Rhonda answered all our questions and kept us informed of the status of our loan... she was very personable in her e-mails too!"

  |   3-13-2003 by James and Cynthia in San Diego

"Dorothy was great, prompt, accurate, helpful!"

  |   3-12-2003 by Hanh in San Diego

"I am very happy with Julian's work! He is very truthful and very easy to talk to. I would definitely refer my friends to your company!"

  |   3-11-2003 by Jim in Ramona Area

"I would be more than happy to respond with nothing but the highest praise for the excellent service you (Jonni) provided! I have aimloan bookmarked already and definitely recommend your company to anyone who may be in the market. Your timely follow-up on all my concerns and your professionalism made for a very smooth process. Keep up the great work!"

  |   3-10-2003 by Michael in La Mesa Area

"Rates were low. Service was lightning fast. Fees were low. Mobile notary was a great idea. Molly kept us informed and I had my check in hand before my previous broker had the paperwork done!"

  |   3-7-2003 by Barry and Michelle in San Diego

"Molly is the best! It's hard for me to imagine anyone more professional and courteous. I've already referred two friends at work to you!"

  |   3-7-2003 by Aleksander and Grazyna in Los Angeles

"Rhonda, it has been a pleasure to work with you!"

  |   3-6-2003 by Scott and Glenda in Chino Hills

"Rhonda was great! Polite, smart, professional...outstanding performance! Thank you!"

  |   3-6-2003 by Sam and Sharon in Walnut

"Molly did an excellent job so that we can get loan closed in time!"

  |   3-6-2003 by Bud in Los Angeles

"Rhonda, Thanks...this has been too easy! I will be thrilled to refer more clients to you...You have been great!"

  |   3-5-2003 by Gloria and John Quesada in Manteca

"Molly, I believe the biggest was the prompt responses!"

  |   3-4-2003 by Maurice and Linda in Oakdale

"Constant feed back and updates on the progress of the loan!"

  |   3-1-2003 by Michael and Lora in La Verne

"Linda kept me informed via e-mail and occasional calls about rates and market information for over a year while I got my act together! Also, Molly was professional and got me the information I needed!"

  |   2-27-2003 by Stephen and Caren in Corona

"Thanks Nicole for all your help...Great job!"

  |   2-27-2003 by Mary in Ventura

"I must tell you that I am amazed at the speed of which Aimloan and you (Eileen) personally have handled this transaction! You have made it a painless experience for me, and I am very grateful to you!"

  |   2-27-2003 by David in Escondido Area

"Dorothy, I want to take this chance to thank you for the highly professional and rapid processing of our loan application. I was amazed at how quickly you and Aimloan handled our loan at a time when I know there is a tremendous volume of re-financing applications. Before making our application to you, I was advised by several lenders that a rate lock was meaningless because no loan could close in the lock period, even if it was 45-60 days. You held my feet, and your own, to the fire to get everything submitted and the appraisal and all documents completed so the loan could close in 30 days. Thank you!"

  |   2-25-2003 by Layne and Andrea in Napa

"She (Jill) was very kind and patient."

  |   2-21-2003 by David in Beverly Hills

"I just wanted to let you know what a "Great" person you have representing your company. I called on Tuesday to ask a few questions about your programs and was fortunate wenough to have Linda pick up the phone on your end. Her enthusiasm and knowledge was outstanding. Having owned a company myself, I know how important that first contact with a company is to the consumer."

  |   2-18-2003 by Karen and Robert in Menlo Park

"Jill was always courteous and polite on the phone...a rare thing in today's world."

  |   2-17-2003 by Richard and Carol in Escondido

"Communication was good...Lora quickly answered calls and e-mails!"

  |   2-14-2003 by Peter and Marie in Poquoson

"Amy did an excellent job! Thanks!"