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  |   4-16-2004 by Steven & Judy in Westminster

"Very responsive. Very nice and helpful."

  |   4-13-2004 by Stephen & Linda in Santee

"Everything was done when I was told it would be!"

  |   4-6-2004 by Robert & Lillian in Riverside

"I have told several people how much I have appreciated Everyone I have encountered has made me feel my business is important. I look forward to a healthy relationship and will continue to recommend"

  |   4-6-2004 by Kristi in Chino

"Easiest and most hassle free process I've ever been through!"

  |   4-6-2004 by Bach & Mai in Placentia

"Answered questions promptly and closed Escrow on time!"

  |   4-1-2004 by Michael in San Diego

"I thought everybody was very helpful every time I placed a call or had a question."

  |   3-31-2004 by Tom in San Diego

"Melisa, thanks for your great service and follow through. This is the second transaction with and both have gone seamlessly. You and your company have been a pleasure to work with."

  |   3-23-2004 by Angelo & Alicsun in Santa Paula

"Rhonda was such a pleasure and treated me like I was someone special and important."

  |   3-19-2004 by Schelly in San Diego

"Laura, thanks for your help, patience, and for gettin' the job done! My experience with you and with Vanessa was a very good one and you were both always very pleasant to work with and to talk to...I'm glad to have done business with and should I need to finance another property in the future, I will certainly contact you and again."

  |   3-19-2004 by Christopher in Livermore

"Vanessa was very helpful. She kept me informed, returned telephone calls/emails promptly, and met her commitments."

  |   3-19-2004 by Diana in Costa Mesa

"Shabnam was very responsive and knowledgeable."

  |   3-19-2004 by Russell & Deborah in Irvine

"Very fast in processing loan. Free home equity line of credit application was easy thanks to Millie."

  |   3-18-2004 by Wolfgang in San Diego

"Shabnam kept me up to date and the entire process was very efficient. I also appreciated the emails from Khola to keep me informed about the current rates."

  |   3-18-2004 by Charmaine in Torrance

"Game me personal attention without trying to push me into accepting the loan. Gave me the facts and let me decide."

  |   3-4-2004 by Robert in Long Beach

"Very speedy, knowledgeable CSR, process made simple. Great rates and most important, closed on time. Many thanks."

  |   3-3-2004 by James in Long Beach

"My bank offered me a great low interest loan. I called and when they found out the house was in my trust they told me I wouldn't qualify for that rate. I then applied again with and was told "No problem". They did all the paperwork and I got a great rate. Thank you!"

  |   3-3-2004 by Lynette & Jack in Wrightwood

"I liked that we were both e-mailed and that calls were returned at either home or work. It was a painless process with no surprises. Thank you!"

  |   3-3-2004 by Surendranath & Anitha in Thousand Oaks

"Thanks to Nicole and Laura for making this refinance a painless experience. If AimLoan keeps the rates and fees competitive, your customer service will ensure that you win in the mortgage market hands down. Thank you."

  |   3-2-2004 by Rabih in San Jose

"You provided us with lots of help and support. I am very happy with the service you provided and will be a repeat customer. Thanks."

  |   3-2-2004 by Teresita in Chula Vista

"Lori, I'd like to thank you for providing us a very good service. You've been very helpful, always keeping us informed .... Thanks."

  |   3-1-2004 by James & Billie in Temecula

"Nicole responded immediately to all of our questions. She was extremely friendly and helpful. We were more informed than we have ever been through an escrow company."

  |   3-1-2004 by Alon in Los Angles

"Thank you for all your help. This is the second time we have used AimLoan and are as happy as the first time. We have recommended AimLoan countless times to our friends and family as well. Thank you again, we look forward to working with you in the future."

  |   3-1-2004 by Lonnie & Lori in Napa

"Overall, customer service was very good."

  |   3-1-2004 by Hai & Connie in Fullerton

"Lora has returned all my emails and phone calls within hours. One time she even answered my email on a Saturday evening. It was a great pleasure and experience to work with Lora."

  |   2-27-2004 by Dennis & Janet in Torrance

"Jill was extremely efficient via email. She always answered my questions promptly. Linda was helpful with my decision as to when I should plan to close my loan. She was my first contact."

  |   2-27-2004 by Timothy & Shannon in Chino

"We've had four friends use you after learning of our experience."

  |   2-27-2004 by Sandra & Bruce in Escondido

"Andi was very attentive and kept me informed. She problem solved!"

  |   2-27-2004 by Aaron & Kristie in Fontana

"Always responded promptly to emails on a daily basis."

  |   2-26-2004 by Timothy & Cynthia in Placentia

"Went the extra mile on all my questions and requests."

  |   2-23-2004 by Richard & Kelly in San Diego

"Provided all the information we requested and updated frequently on the status of the loan."

  |   2-23-2004 by Brooke in Lakeside

"Shabnam made me feel like I was her only customer. Every single question I asked was answered promptly. For once during a refinance process I wasn't concerned about anything. It went very smoothly."

  |   2-23-2004 by Daniel & Cindy in Poway

"Jill responded to my emails and spoke with me several times on the phone and was always helpful."

  |   2-23-2004 by Jay & Donna in Pleasanton

"Jill was very informative and responsive. She made this refinance as painless as possible."

  |   2-21-2004 by Mark in Redono Beach

"Kindness. Attention to my needs. Helpful Info."

  |   2-20-2004 by William & Liliane in San Diego

"Jill kept me updated all the time."

  |   2-20-2004 by Lisa & Richard in Long Beach

"Email communication combined with great phone follow-ups made this a very smooth process!"

  |   2-17-2004 by Kevin in La Mesa

"Worked on her Saturday to push for an early close...Ya Hoo. Thanks Rhonda!"

  |   2-5-2004 by Thomas in Yorba Linda

"Very knowledgeable and prompt in returning information. Give Rhonda and Laura both an A+."

  |   2-5-2004 by Christy in Rocklin

"My computer was down and they completed the loan application over the phone. Your staff was very personable as well as knowledgeable."

  |   2-5-2004 by Malaika in Cerritos

"Rhonda was courteous and very helpful during the entire loan process. She was a pleasure to work with."

  |   2-2-2004 by Peggy in Tulsa OK

"Vanessa stayed late one evening to complete my package for processing. Her effort helped me close earlier than scheduled which was important to me because of my job assignment."

  |   1-29-2004 by Mark & Rhonda in Sacramento

"In all respects, Shabnam was excellent. We were kept so well informed. I didn't have any reservations about conducting business with people I never even met face-to-face."

  |   1-29-2004 by Vic and Iladevi in Loma Linda

"Linda was particularly helpful to solve issues related to closing costs. Jill is very prompt and helpful to solve any issues."

  |   1-26-2004 by Richard and Kristy in San Diego

"My wife and I have just finished buying a home in which we used as our lender. We worked with your processor Andi. My purpose in writing this letter is to congratulate you on having such a fine employee. Our experience with Andi was exceptional. Although we had hiccups in our loan process, by her hard work and dedication we were able to fund our loan and close escrow on time. I really feel she went above and beyond all my expectations. I would be happy to recommend to any of my friends."

  |   1-22-2004 by Mark in San Diego

"Andi was very professional, courteous, helpful and knowledgeable. Aimloan's rates are the lowest I've found."

  |   1-21-2004 by Daniel & Cheryl in Bellflower

"Rhonda was great! Her attentive, prompt service and high level of competence far exceeded my expectations. When the process was delayed because of third party schedules, she replaced them to keep us on schedule. We signed docs 7 business days after our application. Incredible! I am totally satisfied and would recommend you to anybody!"

  |   1-19-2004 by Patricia in Escondido

"I like Andi, she is sweet and kind!"

  |   1-15-2004 by in alaika

"Wonderful Job. You were wonderful to work with. is the most efficient lender that I've every encountered and I'll be sure to refer others."

  |   1-12-2004 by Christian and Barbara in Los Angeles

"Shabnam, thank you. We received the check on Saturday. I will definitely refer you to others. Barb and I talked several times about how easy and fast this refi was in comparison to others we had done in the past. Thanks for your help. Good Job!"

  |   1-9-2004 by in haron

"Laura, thank you so much for your help. I received the appraisal yesterday and I appreciate your assistance. It was a pleasure doing business with you. You are very professional and courteous, that means a lot to customers like me."