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  |   8-16-2004 by Andres & Deborah in Rialto

"Paul got back to me very quickly! I have recommended my friends to Paul!"

  |   8-13-2004 by Scott & Julie in Temecula

"Paul was a tremendous help! He is an excellent customer service rep. He took care of all of my needs and questions. He was fantastic."

  |   8-11-2004 by Benny & Veronica in Simi Valley

"Rhonda, thank you! We are very appreciative of the help provided to us in this Refinance process. Personally, I feel lucky to have you assigned to our loan. You were very thorough and FAST!. I will have no problem referring my friends and co-workers to In fact, I have already done one! I might also tell them to see if they can get you as their loan specialist."

  |   8-11-2004 by Elba in Temecula

"Paul, I want to say "Thank you" for making my refinance the smoothest financial transaction I have ever had! I have purchased 3 homes and refinanced another 4 times. You have been such a pleasure and your professionalism and follow thru certainly deserves merit. Please convey my personal thanks to everyone involved in expediting my loan so efficiently."

  |   8-11-2004 by Pavi & Anuradha in Union City

"Paul, thanks for your excellent service during the entire loan process -- from initial application, to approval, to final funding. You were very thorough, professional, helpful and responsive. You provided me all the information I needed promptly and efficiently and worked hard to accommodate all my requests. I could not have asked for a better loan agent or for better service...I appreciate your help."

  |   8-9-2004 by Brenda in Costa Mesa

"Shabnam, it has been a pleasure working with you and I have to say how much I appreciate being able to reach you live almost every time I called (and I called a lot)!."

  |   8-3-2004 by Kenneth & Bonnie in Northridge

"Eric, we were very pleased with the service, response times and the manner in which you handled our loan application. Working with you was actually very pleasant. I have already recommended your services to a few people as the rates were very competitive and the service excellent in our book."

  |   8-3-2004 by Howard in Oakland

"Paul, from Day 1, you have been incredibly responsive and knowledgable and friendly and professional. You are a real credit to!"

  |   7-28-2004 by Amir & Angela in Vallejo

"We've used twice and you're unbeatable. There are hundreds of lending companies and most of them are not sincere to the point that they mislead information. does things professionally and with really fast service."

  |   7-28-2004 by Susan in San Diego

"Rhonda, you're the BEST!!! Thank you so much for all your hard work on this loan -- we really appreciate it!"

  |   7-26-2004 by Chris in Pico Rivera

"Very pleasant and seemed to care about my loan ... Cirila kept me up to date on major changes."

  |   7-19-2004 by Kristi in San Bernardino

"You are so wonderful! I have never dealt with anyone in your field that responds so quickly."

  |   7-14-2004 by Michael & Lisa in Apple Valley

"Lora always answered my email questions promptly and was always nice, even when I kept asking questions."

  |   7-9-2004 by Bradley & Margery in Rancho Santa Marg

"Quick response!"

  |   7-9-2004 by Richie & Margit in Los Angeles

"No matter how small our question was, Jill always responded ASAP and she was super informative. By phone or email, she was terrific!"

  |   7-8-2004 by Loy & Kim-Mien in Westminster

"Linda went the extra mile to keep me to get me the rate I wanted. Thanks Linda!"

  |   7-7-2004 by Marietta & Reynold in San Diego

"Jill & Khola were very professional and direct, yet nice and accommodating ... also good listeners!"

  |   7-6-2004 by Douglas in Twentynine Palms

"The overall service was great! Any time I had a question I received an answer right away."

  |   6-30-2004 by Craig & Gloria in San Carlos

"Thanks for the good news. We couldn't have done it without all your help! We really appreciated your attentiveness and professionalism throughout the entire process."

  |   6-30-2004 by Chuck in West Covina

"Both Vanessa and Linda did excellent work. I have done a lot of financings and I recommend to everyone. I have now done three loans and two of my recommendations did loans too. All are satisfied. I worked with Rhonda on my first loan and Vanessa on the last two. has a great team and the persons I worked with (including Linda) are to be commended. Thank you!"

  |   6-28-2004 by Edward in Bakersfield

"Fast response to questions!"

  |   6-21-2004 by Edward in Martinez

"Good interaction with Rhonda. Prompt replies to calls and e-mails."

  |   6-16-2004 by Enrique & Goretti in Moorpark

"Quick Response! Felt like she really cared!"

  |   6-14-2004 by Brian & Kari in Sonoma

"Everyone was very helpful and knowledgeable. For us, anything to do with loans is very high emotions and stressful and this transaction was very smooth and painless."

  |   6-10-2004 by Clarisa & Maurice in Garden Grove

"You are PERFECT!"

  |   6-9-2004 by Jody & Michael in San Diego

"We had a great experience re-financing with Aim. This was not our first time. We always check out other companies and end up again with Aim because of competitive rates and streamlined process. I was amazed that we were able to complete every detail by e-mail and fax! Awesome!"

  |   6-7-2004 by Martha & Fernando in Chino Hills

"Vanessa was very pleasant. I changed my mind many times - but she never lost her patience with me."

  |   6-3-2004 by Hema in Morrisville NC

He went above and beyond to get us closed on the house on time.

  |   5-26-2004 by Craig in Palm Springs

"Always able to reach my loan rep, Jill, rather than endless voicemail!"

  |   5-25-2004 by Steven & Stacey in Thousand Oaks

"Courteous, generally prompt regarding call backs."

  |   5-25-2004 by Aptin & Shzel in Roseville

"Interest Rates were very competitive. Also notary at home made it convenient."

  |   5-19-2004 by Marietta in San Diego

"Jill, I would like to express my gratitude for everything you did to help us get a loan. We really appreciate your patience and prompt responses, and knowledge of what's going on. We're looking forward to do business again with you. Thank you, thank you so much to you & Khola. The staff in your company, you & Khola, are very efficient, competent, and very helpful. I hope your company is aware what great employees they have!"

  |   5-11-2004 by William & Lynne in Palm Desert

"Shabnam handled our transaction very efficiently. She was always aware of the status, and advised us of any delays or issues needing our attention. The ability to communicate by email with our CSR and obtain information, reports, etc. via email was very helpful, especially outside the 8 to 5 business day."

  |   5-11-2004 by Thomas & Saeko in San Dimas

"Millie provided a great first impression. Andi was great getting the loan through."

  |   5-7-2004 by Rodney in Fallbrook

"Great rates! Vanessa was very responsive and helpful."

  |   5-6-2004 by Britta in San Diego

"Enjoyed timeliness of appraisal and document notary. Pleasant stuff - efficient."

  |   5-6-2004 by Barbara in San Diego

"Made refi process fast and simple! Very happy with service - will recommend to others!"

  |   4-29-2004 by Jon in San Diego

"Appropriate and timely communication throughout the whole process."

  |   4-29-2004 by Dan in San Diego

"Lora provided outstanding service in processing my loan. She was always friendly, polite and helpful. Twice I called to leave messages after 7 p.m. and she was still working. Time was critical for us and she continued to process our loan rapidly, made extra calls at the end to try and ensure our loan would fund on time, and called me with updates. She really did an excellent, excellent job."

  |   4-27-2004 by Charles in Creston

"Excellent communication with Vanessa and Linda. Very prompt response."

  |   4-26-2004 by Paul & Dede in San Francisco

"Jill was fabulous. She kept us updated constantly, followed up instantly on every question and concern and was always friendly and a real pleasure to work with."

  |   4-26-2004 by Craig in Palm Springs

"Jill always answered her phone, it never went to voice mail."

  |   4-21-2004 by Raymond & Patricia in Bridgeport

"Professional and prompt."

  |   4-19-2004 by Robert & Anna in Santee

"Completed my loan in a timely manner."

  |   4-16-2004 by Alon & Efrat in Los Angeles

"Quick responses to all questions. Good follow up on all issues. Satisfied once again with"

  |   4-16-2004 by Tony & Ling in Montebello

"Rhonda was very helpful in every step!"

  |   4-16-2004 by Steven & Judy in Westminster

"Very responsive. Very nice and helpful."

  |   4-13-2004 by Stephen & Linda in Santee

"Everything was done when I was told it would be!"

  |   4-6-2004 by Robert & Lillian in Riverside

"I have told several people how much I have appreciated Everyone I have encountered has made me feel my business is important. I look forward to a healthy relationship and will continue to recommend"

  |   4-6-2004 by Kristi in Chino

"Easiest and most hassle free process I've ever been through!"