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  |   5-16-2003 by Clarita in Queens

"Molly & Jay- Molly, I am very impressed with your efficiency and thank you for always keeping me abreast. You are both an asset to this company. They are lucky to have both of you."

  |   5-15-2003 by Anthony D. & Dianne Lynn Tuosto in Wilton

"Lori- fast, efficient, friendly and answered all my questions. Kept us up to date."

  |   5-14-2003 by Seyed in Orange

"Thanks...Aimloan did it again just like two years ago when I refinanced with Aimloan. I have recommended Aimloan to my new friends for this very reason!"

  |   5-13-2003 by George & Gayatri in Santa Barbara

"I believe Molly did everything possible to speed the loan process."

  |   5-13-2003 by Brian in Valencia

"Melissa, thanks for everything, particularly your patience and constant availability to answer questions via phone or e-mail. We greatly appreciate your understanding, flexibility and responsiveness."

  |   5-13-2003 by Patti in Rancho Palos Verdes

"Angie, Thanks for everything- you've ben exceptionally helpful at maneuvering around the obstacles!"

  |   5-13-2003 by Mung and Canh in Morgan Hill

"Rhonda, many thanks for your help...we love your service!"

  |   5-13-2003 by Diane in Walnut Creek

"Rhonda has been extremely helpful through my mortgage refinance. She has made herself available both by phone and email during the day and in some cases in the evening and weekends. Her response time has been outstanding...her outlook and personality has been helpful and positive no matter what the situation. Rhonda has really gone above and beyond what is required of her."

  |   5-13-2003 by Samuel and Dorothy in Watsonville

"Dorothy, thank you for the excellent service...a pleasure doing business with you!"

  |   5-12-2003 by Leslie in Manhattan Beach

"Nicole, Thank you so very much-you all made this process so easy!"

  |   5-12-2003 by Libby in Santa Rosa

"Thanks Nicole! Your service has been excellent and you've made this transaction a very pleasant one- your cheerful and helpful personality was evident even without meeting you in person!"

  |   5-9-2003 by Antero in Bakersfield

"Jill was always one step ahead of me!"

  |   5-9-2003 by Gregory in Grass Valley

"Both Linda and Molly did a great job. I have recommended 5-10 people to your website... many thanks!"

  |   5-9-2003 by Monica and Chinh in San Diego

"Jill and Julian were extremely professional and helpful!"

  |   5-9-2003 by Constantin in La Habra

"Angie, You are very kind. It is a pleasure to do business with you"

  |   5-9-2003 by Patti in Rancho Palos Verdes

"Thanks for everything! You've (Angie) been exceptionally helpful at maneuvering around the obstacles!"

  |   5-9-2003 by Timothy & Erica Woolsey in Fountain Valley

"I was pleased with every step of this loan process. I expected a nightmare with the 'On-Line' process but instead it was a happy story with a great ending. I have already referred two other friends and they both are very satisfied."

  |   5-8-2003 by Emelda & Victor in Torrance

"Rhonda, thanks for taking care of the loan process speedily. You can't imagine how much you're helping my family in meeting out particular need at this point. Your efforts are very much appreciated."

  |   5-8-2003 by Mike and Julie in Cypress

"Angie, thank you for a job well done. We really appreciated all the timely notifications, updates, and reminders. Thanks again!"

  |   5-7-2003 by Rudy & Maggie in Los Palos Verdes

"Jonni, let me tell you that I have refinanced 7 times over the past 12 years, but this one has definitely been the best and easiest. My hat is off to you and your company. I will definitely recommend you guys to friends"

  |   5-6-2003 by Andrew and Samar in Pasadena

"Both Katie and Linda are very helpful."

  |   5-6-2003 by Lawrence and Mary in San Gabriel

"Answered all questions promptly and thoroughly!"

  |   5-6-2003 by Elizabeth and Douglas in Santa Barbara

"I was pleased with the availability for talking personally with a liver person. All employees were prompt in returning calls and emails!"

  |   5-6-2003 by Ronald and Darrell in San Diego

"Very quick to respond to all questions!"

  |   5-6-2003 by George and Karen in Pasadena

"Signing was fast and efficient. Excellent house appraisal at reasonable charge!"

  |   5-3-2003 by Mike & Julie in Cypress

"Angie, just a quick note to say thank you for a job well done. We really appreciated all the timely notifications, updates, and reminders. Thanks again!"

  |   5-2-2003 by Stanley & Jennifer Townsend in Rancho Cordova

"Nicole Bylina is thoughtful and has a pleasant personality."

  |   5-2-2003 by Canh-Vien & Mung in Santa Clara

"Rhonda, many thanks, your service was great! W e wish we can do business with you more often."

  |   5-2-2003 by Myrna and Bradley in Bishop

"Eileen was very helpful and courteous!"

  |   5-1-2003 by James & Elisa in Ventura

"Dorothy always returned calls and if she didn't know the answer she was always able to either find out or quickly refer me to Linda."

  |   5-1-2003 by Donald in Plymouth

"Andi was very responsive and productive. She kept me informed ahead of time which made my loan close early."

  |   5-1-2003 by Mark and Kimberly in Huntington Beach

"Loan rate promised and delivered. Good website information. Easy to follow and fast execution!"

  |   5-1-2003 by Richard and Cheryl in Somis

"She (Angie) was simply and extremely pleasant person to work with. Very helpful and responsive."

  |   5-1-2003 by Timothy and Robin in San Clemente

"Lori was very friendly, patient and helpful. She e-mailed or called promptly. We were very satisfied with the service and would use again!"

  |   5-1-2003 by Curtis and Maria in Los Gatos

"The service was excellent. All my questions were answered immediately. I was kept updated on my loan status at all times. I felt very comfortable with the loan process."

  |   4-30-2003 by Jacqueline in Long Beach

"I just thought that Eileen did a terrific job. I actually felt I was talking to a person who cares, is kind, considerate, thoughtful and professional... How nice!"

  |   4-30-2003 by Catherine in Sacramento

"Was very considerate and understanding when I asked all kinds of questions."

  |   4-30-2003 by Deborah in Salinas

"My request was handled quickly and the response was timely. I appreciated when I could talk personally on the phone to check that everything was in order!"

  |   4-29-2003 by Francis in Arcadia

"I sincerely thank you, Rhonda, for all of your assistance and expertise. I will definitely recommend your services and refer clients to you."

  |   4-29-2003 by Larry and Michelle in Tracy

"Everything was done in a very timely manner."

  |   4-25-2003 by Bobby in Castro Valley

"Dorothy, I can tell you in advance that your service was EXCELLENT. I really enjoyed working with you!"

  |   4-25-2003 by Monica and Chinh in San Diego

"The employees at Aimloan were professional and wonderful with us through the oan process. We would refer Aimloan to our family, friends, and co-workers. Thank you for your hard work!"

  |   4-25-2003 by Anne and Anthony in San Jose

"Your website is very good, informative, easy to use, and truly online! I love the fact that you can do the application electronically. Also, having the loan papers brought to our home was very convenient and a very pleasant surprise! Nicole was very polite and pleasant. If I were going to refinance again, I would definitely return to your website and will recommend it to anyone I know who is planning to refinance!"

  |   4-25-2003 by John and Ludmila in Apple Valley

"They were very professional. They answered all of our questions thoroughly and accurately!"

  |   4-25-2003 by Stanley in San Diego

"Very professional, yet friendly...Rhonda got the job done!"

  |   4-25-2003 by Scott and Krista in Oceanside

"Lora was excellent. She was very informative and updated us frequently. She also was very helpful and promptly answered all our questions!"

  |   4-24-2003 by Bryn and Kimberli in Seaside

"We received great service from Lora via e-mails and phone... she is fast and smart! Our first contact was Khola. He didn't rush me and was patient with all of the questions I had."

  |   4-24-2003 by Stanley and Kathryn in Santa Rosa

"Awesome service and only needed to verbally communicate with appraiser and notary! Saved me immense amount of time!"

  |   4-24-2003 by Alejandro and Therese in El Cerrito

"Khola has always been very helpful and patient! He has always been very prompt in responding and was accurate and pleasant. We are a repeat customer and will return to Aimloan first when wee need any (financial) reorganization!"

  |   4-24-2003 by Bruce in Oakland

"Lori was the epitome of efficiency and professionalism!"