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  |   7-31-2017 by William in Marion MI

Very friendly and professional.

  |   7-31-2017 by Eric in Somerville MA

Excellent customer service all around.

  |   7-31-2017 by Anuranjani and Eswar in Albuquerque NM

All of the associates were very prompt and helpful in closing the loan in a timely manner. 

  |   7-31-2017 by Venkata and Sabitha in Simi Valley CA

Kelli communicated on weekends [and] evenings, and she really went above and beyond.

  |   7-31-2017 by Michael in Suwanee GA

Everyone went the extra mile, when the paperwork was incomplete, to educate me and lead me through what to do.

  |   7-31-2017 by Heather and Clay in Tomball TX

Luis was very prompt in answering all my questions. I asked a lot of them too. :) Made the entire process as painless as possible. 

  |   7-31-2017 by Andrew in Huntington Beach CA

Great job... as usual.  Due to falling interest rates and this latest situation, I have refinanced several times throughout the years. I have used others before finding Aimloan.  After my first experience with Aimloan, I was so satisfied I referred many others to you and never looked elsewhere again.  When my latest situation arose, I never even considered other options and went straight to proceed with Aimloan.  You did not disappoint and again delivered outstanding service.  I specifically appreciate this team, but have to say my experience has been consistent dealing with others from Aimloan in the past.  This speaks to a very well run company overall.

  |   7-27-2017 by John and Bobbie in Grand Junction CO

Since we don't use the computer universe easily, I know it was harder on your crew to adjust to our hard copy/fax/email attachment print outs only, but they persevered with our needs.

  |   7-25-2017 by Jeffrey and Natalie in Wichita KS

Ileana was very attentive and organized.

  |   7-25-2017 by Brett and Kate in Riverton NJ

Robert was on top of this entire process and put my mind at ease. 

  |   7-25-2017 by Arthur and Anusha in Frisco TX

It was a great pleasure to work with Esther. She is the best asset to your company. My appreciation and thanks to her for her dedication and hard work.

  |   7-25-2017 by William in Marion MI

Overall, everyone is very professional!  

  |   7-25-2017 by John and Kati in Canby OR

Kelly was outstanding to work with. She was very responsive, accurate and always followed through.


  |   7-21-2017 by Cam Hanh in Garden Grove CA

AimLoan kept us updated the whole time throughout the process. 

  |   7-19-2017 by Patrick and Amanda in Lutherville MD

The constant communication and updates were amazing. Everyone was very friendly and knowledgeable. Great overall experience.  

  |   7-19-2017 by Joseph and Rebecca in Colorado Springs CO

They were great! 

  |   7-19-2017 by Valerio in Orlando FL

Everyone was prompt in answering questions and were very courteous 

  |   7-19-2017 by Ganesh in Troy MI

Everyone did a good job, especially Amanda and Kourtney. Your employees understand the urgency of customers and they do everything possible to help them. I can just say that simply you have great service.  

  |   7-18-2017 by Gene and Connie in Mesa AZ

Loan officer and processor were both good! 

  |   7-18-2017 by Kory in Fort Collins CO

Everyone from Aimloan was great!

  |   7-11-2017 by Carl in Myrtle Beach SC

Loan was completed within the frame. 

  |   7-11-2017 by Melanie in Troy MI

Oh my gosh it was such a great process! Everyone was helpful and responsive. I couldn’t have asked for a better or faster experience. 

  |   7-11-2017 by Nora and Laureano in Pearland TX

Ms. Erin is very friendly and knowledgeable. She helped us from the start until closing of our mortgage. If everyone in the company is like her, I believe customers will be happy. 

  |   7-11-2017 by Yan in Los Gatos CA

Very professional and kept me updated.

  |   7-11-2017 by Roy and Elizabeth in Laveen AZ

It was friendly. Documentation and closing were done on time. Informative, explained very well and followed up. 

  |   7-11-2017 by Rudy in Hastings NE

Mari & Becca both had excellent communication with us. They responded to emails very quickly and would call us to clarify anything.

  |   7-11-2017 by Bharatkumar and Mitalben in Aurora IL

Transparent, courteous and a friendly service 

  |   7-11-2017 by Sang and Jeong in Pittsburgh PA

Kourtney had prompt responses. 

  |   7-11-2017 by John and Barbara in Sandpoint ID

Everyone was very helpful and polite. Chelsea stepped in and helped with the confirmation to keep things moving.


  |   7-11-2017 by Leonard in Napa CA

I have a hard time hearing and Joleena was gracious enough to email me when I asked for one.  

  |   7-11-2017 by Craig in Portage MI

Very friendly. Willing to go over any questions

  |   7-11-2017 by Richard in Gales Ferry CT

All associates were professional and responsive and kept me informed! 

  |   7-11-2017 by Ranjit and Sushil in Lorton VA

Helpful approach from Sean, Jill and in the background, Mr. President, Vince. Sheema played her part within her limits. I have special regards for super-efficient and graceful Janice. 

  |   7-7-2017 by Sarah and David in Lynn MO

Just generally very responsive. 

  |   7-7-2017 by Darell and Susan in Nampa ID

Everyone was very helpful and kind!

  |   7-7-2017 by Reynaldo in San Diego CA

April was very, very nice! 

  |   7-7-2017 by Thomas and Raichel in Fontana CA

Always kept in touch, kept me updated and processing was fast 

  |   7-7-2017 by Jose in Edmond OK

Very helpful and patient with all my calls asking for help, and updates! 

  |   7-3-2017 by James in Mill Creek WA

Hello Sean, i just wanted to send over some feedback on my loan process with Donna.  

I've gone through the loan process a couple of times and felt this was the smoothest ever. 

I was placed with Donna as my processor and have nothing but positive things to say about her.  She was available (within minutes) of my emails and phone calls and was very knowledgeable of the process.  

I would and will definitely recommend her to everyone.

Thank you aimloan!

  |   7-3-2017 by Peter in Knoxville TN

Both Erin and Ashley were very pleasant to deal with. Both were very competent and helpful answering any questiosn I may have had.

  |   7-3-2017 by David and Yuko in San Jose CA

Both Janice and Donna were extremely responsive, kind, and always on top of things. 

  |   7-3-2017 by Alexis and Lori in Lakeland FL

Beth was very helpful throughout, patient in answering my questions, and very quick to respond.

  |   7-3-2017 by Kevin in Kannapolis NC

Kourtney and Donna were prompt, encouraging, and courteous!

  |   7-3-2017 by Justin in Valley Center KS

Ashley was amazing!

  |   7-3-2017 by Adrian in Plainfield IL

Jacylyn could not have been better. She made the experience one of the best I've ever had.

  |   6-30-2017 by Michelle and Todd in Conway AR

Every one of them [AIM Associates] was wonderful! All of my questions were answered and in a friendly, clear manner.

  |   6-30-2017 by Vernon in Searcy AR

Cierra was so easy to work with and helped us close in a timely fashion despite setbacks.

  |   6-30-2017 by Lauren in Louisville KY

Everyone was very nice and helpful.

  |   6-30-2017 by Jayson and Angela in Maryville TN

All were very helpful and always responsive. I always knew what stage of the process we were at. Robert did an awesome job making sure we closed on time. Always courteous.

  |   6-27-2017 by Randall in Cary NC

Everyone was very well organized and kept me informed on new requirements.