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  |   2-28-2017 by Jessica in Florissant MO

Elizabeth and Khola's responsiveness was excellent. I had many questions and was always met with patience.

  |   2-28-2017 by Rafael and Carmen in Sacramento CA

I was pleased with all associates, especially Nikita, she was awesome.

  |   2-28-2017 by Zhenwei in Evanston IL

Associates kept me informed and are very knowledgeable. They were a pleasure to work with. 

  |   2-28-2017 by William in Severn MD

The entire process was easy and the company kept us well-informed of exactly where we were in the process. To be able to do all paperwork through the web was a bonus. Lowest price and great service!

  |   2-28-2017 by Michelle in St. Petersburg FL

Kept me well informed!

  |   2-28-2017 by Jeannette in Scottsdale AZ

Beth kept me informed throughout the process. 

  |   2-28-2017 by Roberto and Christina in Lakewood CA

The entire process was quick and easy from the start with Jay who started our loan to Sara who consistently kept us updated with our loan. To Kristin who assisted us towards the end of the process. 

  |   2-28-2017 by Jeffrey in Belgrade MT

Associates were very personable.

  |   2-28-2017 by Michael and Enza in Suwanee GA

All of the associates we worked with were helpful and professional.

  |   2-28-2017 by Richard and Carla in Orangevale CA

The entire process was handled very smoothly. 

  |   2-28-2017 by Laura in Bethesda MD

Dominique was patient, knowledgeable and courteous. I couldn't be more pleasedi would highly recommend Aim Loan to others. 

  |   2-28-2017 by Daryl and Shannon in Beaverton OR

I found all associates I dealt with extremely professional, courteous, knowledgeable and respectful at all times. Great stuff!

  |   2-28-2017 by Cynthia in Carmichael CA

Shanna and Christa were very helpful and considerate. They walked me through every step. 

  |   2-28-2017 by Jerry in Winter Springs FL

Everyone was pleasant and helpful. 

  |   2-28-2017 by Alexander in Edmond OK

Jessica responded to all questions quickly and was professional throughout the process. 

  |   2-28-2017 by Bradee in Bonney Lake WA

The whole team was ready for next steps which made the loan process very fast!

  |   2-28-2017 by Michael in Douglas AK

Stephanie and Irma were the best! 

  |   2-28-2017 by Craig and Elizabeth in Seattle WA

Linda was particularly patient with all of our questions. 

  |   2-28-2017 by Pablo and Lisa in Kansas City MO

Sogol was super helpful with all of our questions, and Khola was nice to work with as well. 

  |   2-28-2017 by Jose in Myrtle Beach SC

Friendly and prompt associates, Elizabeth is super professional and delivered what she promised. 

  |   2-27-2017 by Steven and Gitte in Valencia CA

Associates got back to us quickly. 

  |   2-27-2017 by Eric in Long Beach CA

Lauren kept things well organized and explained what actions were necessary. 

  |   2-27-2017 by Teri and James in Glendale AZ

Overall great communication and speedy process!

  |   2-22-2017 by Scott and Susan in Deerfield IL

Associates were prompt, professional, and communicated clearly. They explained things well and you could tell they were not reading from a script. Everyone seemed to know their stuff!

  |   2-22-2017 by Salvador in Los Banos CA

I like how associates answered all phone calls and did not let it go to voicemail .Especially Amanda who always answered her phone and was a great team player. 

  |   2-22-2017 by Michael and Heather in Bonne Terre MO

All associates were very helpful and responsive, 

  |   2-22-2017 by Kiran in Chino Hills CA

All associates were better than excellent(if that is even possible)! Heather helped us out throughout the loan process and was very friendly and professional!

  |   2-22-2017 by Gaylord and Mary in Carlsbad CA

Employees are the best of the best! Lauren is exceptional!

  |   2-22-2017 by Brian and Barbara in Athol ID

Rachel worked to get our closing done when we requested event though it was difficult due to the holidays and our crazy work schedule.

  |   2-22-2017 by Julia in Dallas TX

Everything was great and faster than what local banks have done before. 

  |   2-22-2017 by Ryan and Karrie in Los Gatos CA

Timely responses to emails and phone calls throughout the process. 

  |   2-17-2017 by Robert in Fairfield CA

Hannah is an outstanding associate.

  |   2-17-2017 by Terry in Los Angeles CA

Every associate I spoke with was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. They helped me understand exactly what to expect at each step of the loan process. 

  |   2-17-2017 by Irma and Robert in Las Cruces NM

We were very impressed with Sheema, she was very responsive and always kept us informed along the way. 

  |   2-17-2017 by Jill in Winter Park FL

All associates responded immediately to phone calls and emails. 

  |   2-14-2017 by Charles in New Smyrna Beach FL

All associates were very helpful, great job. 

  |   2-14-2017 by Uday in Burien WA

Always helpful. 

  |   2-14-2017 by Kevin and Michelle in Lacon IL

Angie and Kelly worked hard to get our loan closed on time, they gave us a good heads up on what we needed to provide and kept us on track. Thanks to both of them!

  |   2-14-2017 by Jason and Stacy in Tampa FL

Associates responded quickly. 

  |   2-13-2017 by Frank in Marrero LA

Andee was excellent from start to finish, prompt and professional.

  |   2-13-2017 by Joel in Grovetown GA

Associates returned messages promptly. 

  |   2-13-2017 by Joseph in Freehold NJ

Dominique was great throughout the entire process. 

  |   2-13-2017 by Jonathan and Diane in El Sobrante CA

Kelvin was responsive to questions and he was very professional and helpful. 

  |   2-13-2017 by Benjamin and Quinci in Dewey AZ

Outstanding customer service!

  |   2-13-2017 by Derek and Cheryl in Boca Ranton FL

"I expected great service and you delivered."

  |   2-13-2017 by Richard and Euphrosyne in North Salt Lake UT

Sogol was excellent, very attention to detail oriented.

  |   2-9-2017 by Amanda in Glendale AZ

The entire process was done very well. Thank you for the efficient service. 

  |   2-9-2017 by Derrick and Laura in Crest Hill IL

Everyone that I worked with did an excellent job. 

  |   2-9-2017 by Emine and Remo in Los Angeles CA

Easy and quick loan process, with efficient and quick responses to email's. Everyone I dealt with in the process was very informative and friendly. 

  |   2-9-2017 by Hyun and Mindllay in Rockville MD

Kathryn was extremely responsive to all of our questions, we appreciate all of her hard work!