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  |   2-6-2017 by Peter in Broussard LA

Everyone was very responsive in order to ensure a quick process. 

  |   2-6-2017 by Analisa in Rancho Cucamonga CA

I am very pleased with the way my account was handled and you are all doing a great job. Thumbs up for Ashanti! Thank you for the job well done! 

  |   2-6-2017 by Irene and Gary in Osprey FL

Your team of people make a painful process painless! Thank you again for a wonderful experience. 

  |   2-6-2017 by Arthur and Anusha in Frisco TX

Esther was very helpful in closing within three weeks, completing every milestone and communicating with me effectively and exemplarily 

  |   2-6-2017 by Chad and Katherine in Indianapolis IN

The staff was very friendly and accommodating especially given a time difference.  

  |   2-2-2017 by Efrain in Long Beach CA

It was a pleasure to have both Bekki and Sandy guide and help me throughout the process. Their professionalism and communication was superb and because of it I got to close earlier than planned. I will definitely recommend AIM's service. 

  |   2-2-2017 by Abbi in San Diego CA

Besides the low rate, I went with Aim Loan because of the initial contact I had with Khola. When we spoke, he answered all of my questions without trying to obtain lots of information like other lenders and did not push at all. It was refreshing! 

  |   2-2-2017 by Lawton and Elaine in Bakersfield CA

When we were not on top of submitting information needed, representatives were in contact to be sure we stayed on track for our closing date. 

  |   2-2-2017 by Danielle in Loveland CO

Olivia was always available when I needed her. 

  |   2-2-2017 by Jackson in Loveland CO

Erin was great!

  |   1-31-2017 by Joseph and Erica in Kitzmiller MD

Always quick to respond to questions.

  |   1-31-2017 by Nathan in Arlington VA

Kurt was a helpful adviser. 

  |   1-31-2017 by Richard and Paula in Raleigh NC

Always explained things well and always answered questions. Did not hurry me off the line.

  |   1-31-2017 by Harry and Denise in Martinez CA

Cierra was very helpful as we proceeded through the steps of our loan.

  |   1-31-2017 by Charles in Dripping Springs TX

Always asked about how we wanted things done.

  |   1-31-2017 by Nathaniel in Grantsville UT

Judy was very proactive and great at getting back with me if I called and she was unavailable. 

  |   1-26-2017 by Kyle and An in Oceanside CA

Erin worked hard to meet our short term deadline and was quick to respond. 

  |   1-26-2017 by Jose in San Jacinto CA

I was please with all the associates I dealt with.

  |   1-26-2017 by Brian and Norma in Yorba Linda CA

Lauren was courteous, attentive, and professional. 

  |   1-26-2017 by Kevin and Jacqueline in Summerville SC

Kate was very courteous, knowledgeable, and friendly. She was very quick to respond on any given question. 

  |   1-26-2017 by Jennifer and William in Morgantown WV

Appreciated the frequent email updates.

  |   1-26-2017 by Luther and Christina in Murrieta CA

Olivia was great!

  |   1-26-2017 by Daniel and Cynthia in Imperial CA

I love the loan status updates.

  |   1-26-2017 by Jeffrey in Chicago IL

Kelly did a fantastic job of updating my loan status. 

  |   1-26-2017 by Karla and Gary in Santa Monica CA

Processor, Hannah, was great! She was very thorough in explaining and keeping us informed; she was very friendly.

  |   1-26-2017 by Victor in Orlando FL

Lauren did a great job in advocating for me and making sure that underwriting understood my information.

  |   1-26-2017 by Zachary in Scottsdale AZ

Judy went out of her way to answer my questions during teh process. She was very helpful and always responded quickly.

  |   1-26-2017 by James and Leslie in Boulder CO

Olivia was very prompt, professional, and a pleasure to work with.

  |   1-26-2017 by Michael and Brigitte in Foster City CA

My loan officer worked with me when my dad's illness kept me from returning paperwork on time.

  |   1-26-2017 by Terry in White Lake MI

Prompt response time, acknowledged all of my emails, and kept the process moving forward. 

  |   1-26-2017 by Trent and Carol in Lake Shore MN

All was perfect!

  |   1-26-2017 by Derek and Amanda in MIddletown CT

Andee was very friendly and helpful to keep my loan process moving forward in a timely manner. She kept me on track with what was outstanding and still due. The refinance process went much smoother than I ever could have imagined.

  |   1-26-2017 by Brian in New Boston NH

Kathryn was great. She was very organized and kept me informed along the way.

  |   1-26-2017 by Ben and Anne in Portland OR

They were all very enjoyable and proactive in emailing us along the way.

  |   1-26-2017 by Brooke in Chippewa Lake OH

Follow ups were quick and precise.

  |   1-26-2017 by Wendy and Keith in White Bear Lake MN

They always got back to me extrememly quickly and were knowledgeable and nice. 

  |   1-26-2017 by John and Kathleen in Redondo Beach CA

Johs was super available, responsive and wlays friendly and knowledgeable.

  |   1-26-2017 by Simon in Murrieta CA

Kept me informed at all times.

  |   1-20-2017 by Chase in Houston TX

 I recently worked with Kathryn. She was great to work with as a Loan Processor. She was responsive and available. In today's environment it is, at times, difficult to reach people by phone, but every time I need a quick question answered she was available to answer. 

  |   1-18-2017 by William and Susan in West Palm Beach FL

Associates were always ready to help. 

  |   1-18-2017 by Cavin and Pavitra in Jersey City NJ

Angie was extremely helpful and responsive throughout the refinance process. Good job! 

  |   1-18-2017 by James and Diane in Frederick MD

Heather was great, I wish I had her working in my company. She helped us in every step of the way, and was a joy to work with! 

  |   1-18-2017 by Arthur and Maureen in Carbondale CO

The overall attentiveness and quick updates were great.  

  |   1-18-2017 by Eduardo and Ruth in Peoria AZ

Associates were very good at communicating with me. I was never in the dark about where we were in the process. 

  |   1-18-2017 by Martin in Silver Spring MD

All of your representatives were courteous, articulate, sympathetic, knowledgeable and very helpful by being personally invested in ensuring that my loan went through. 

  |   1-18-2017 by April in Farmington Hills MI

Janice and Olivia were great to work with. Both were prompt and professional. Great customer service!

  |   1-13-2017 by Ronald & Esther in Saint Helena CA

Josh answered many questions with clear, prompt, and friendly answers!

  |   1-13-2017 by Amy & Michael in Boise ID

Everyone was very  helpful. They never made me feel stupid if I had questions or needed additional help.

  |   1-13-2017 by Charles & Christy in Mission Hills CA

Christa was always very patient in explaining things I didn’t understand.

  |   1-13-2017 by Gene & Barbara in Spring Valley CA

All were very courteous and pleasant