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  |   6-27-2017 by Eric and Sherri in Puyallup WA

Patient, courteous follow through from Kurt to everyone involved.

  |   6-27-2017 by John and Diane in Galt CA

Melissa was wonderful - always pleasant on the phone and willing to help me with any questions.

  |   6-27-2017 by Dimitry in San Diego CA

Ashanti and Bekki helped and explained everything throughout the process of the loan.

  |   6-27-2017 by Austen and Whitney in Denver CO

Kelly and Heather were great about responding to us quickly.

  |   6-27-2017 by Kathleen in Louisville KY

Everyone was very easy to work with and mostly very timely in responding. Stephanie quickly and cleanly answered my questions. The whole process was done well.

  |   6-27-2017 by Theresa in Red Bluff CA

Esther kept us informed and never left us guessing. She was great day and night!

  |   6-27-2017 by Ryan in Prescott Valley AZ

Heather does a great job communicating and getting the job done.

  |   6-27-2017 by Srikanth and Harita in Chandler AZ

Esther was really helpful throughout the whole loan process. She was patient and addressed all our concerns and questions promptly. Really happy to have had her as the loan processor.

  |   6-27-2017 by John and Jacqueline in San Jose CA

I am a 3-time customer and Aim is amazing!! Much like last time, I will be emailing Vince to let him know how happy we are.

  |   6-21-2017 by David and Cheryl in Williamsburg MI

Everyone we were in contact with was very helpful! We really leaned on Diana, she was so helpful anytime we called!

  |   6-21-2017 by Nicholas in Avon Lake OH

Kendall was very responsive and always returned my phone calls and emails promptly.

  |   6-21-2017 by Mark and Nancy in Fort Mill SC

Responded to every single email and phone call!

  |   6-20-2017 by Aaron and Kerin in Merrimack NH

Erin did some weekend hours, which I don't typically see in mortgage companies I've used previously.

  |   6-20-2017 by David and Cara in Mesa AZ

Every person at every step along the way was incredible!

  |   6-20-2017 by John and Mary in Castle Valley UT

Khola, Sarah, and Mari were all absolutely superb!

  |   6-20-2017 by Richard in Newnan GA

Cierra was very patient, polite, and helpful!

  |   6-16-2017 by Michael and Marie in Wayzata MN

Communication of status and timelines were amazing - never seen anything like it in finance/mortgage and hardly seen it anywhere else.

  |   6-16-2017 by Randal in Charlotte NC

Sandy was exceptionally diligent and kept the process moving.

  |   6-16-2017 by William in Fort Wayne IN

Ileana was very patient and helpful through the entire process. A real pro!

  |   6-16-2017 by Steven in Suwanee GA

Very responsive and very professional.

  |   6-16-2017 by Justin and Leslie in Sugarland TX

Extremely fast responses on the phone and email

  |   6-16-2017 by Christopher in Mooresville NC

Whole process went very quickly. Closed loan within 20 days of application.

  |   6-16-2017 by Kelly in Carrollton TX

I liked the step-by-step process updates.

  |   6-16-2017 by Tina and James in Sahuarita AZ

Great customer service and up front info. 25 business days from application to funding with a not so straight-forward file!

  |   6-16-2017 by Ashley and Kevin in Dallas TX

Donna was amazing. Always available and thorough with her responses. This was our 5th home loan and hands down the best experience ever!! The auto e-mails when you cleared each stage were also very helpful. Will recommend over and over again!

  |   6-16-2017 by Geneva in Mount Washington KY

Jay was my first contact with AimLoan. He was knowledgeable, informative, and very patient with me.

  |   6-16-2017 by Gail and Elliot in San Francisco CA

We had a difficult situation with some liens that had been places on our property in error by the city of San Francisco. It took months to get it resolved, but your team - Heather and Jay - stayed with us all the way. We are very pleased by the result and good rate.

  |   6-16-2017 by Catherine in Mission Viejo CA

Kendall took precautionary measures and obtained information from me prior to the loan going to underwriting which helped the loan close on time.

  |   6-16-2017 by Rick in Green Valley AZ

Sarah was quick with her responses and was very accessible.

  |   6-16-2017 by Carolyn in Randolph MA

Ileana was great! She was quick to respond to my questions. She helped make my refi an easy and smooth process. I would definitely recommend Thank you!

  |   6-16-2017 by Cynthia in Saint Louis MO

Everyone was pleasant! Kendall was especially personable and knowledgeable!

  |   6-16-2017 by Kathrine in Gilbert AZ

I made the decision to start researching refinancing options and 3 weeks later it was done thanks to The process was easy. Everything was done online right up to closing. I am very happy with the outcome.

  |   6-7-2017 by Gretchen in Eugene OR

Good communication once application generated. Good emails. Daily rate changes very helpful.

  |   6-7-2017 by Marcus and Megan in Littleton CO

Irma was knowledgeable, transparent, and patient.

  |   6-7-2017 by Barbara and Eugene in San Diego CA

Donna was very patient when I had questions and even when I didn't fill out a few forms properly. And she called at a critical time when she noticed I hadn't responded. You are extremely thorough. You made the experience one where I had confidence even with all the stream of paperwork.

  |   6-7-2017 by M. Sharon in Orlando FL

Diana was especially gracious, helpful, and quick to handle any questions or concerns that popped up.

  |   6-7-2017 by Joseph and Jan in Albia IA

Everyone was very prompt, knowledgeable, and courteous! 

  |   6-7-2017 by Mark in Hammond LA

Joleena is the type of employee that an employer dreams of having on their team. Positive attitude, extremely helpful, knowledgeable, friendly.

  |   6-7-2017 by Deborah and Nathan in Boynton Beach FL

Sarah was AWESOME! 

  |   6-7-2017 by Anne and Jon in Tucson AZ

Everyone we dealt with at your company was prompt, courteous, and knowledgeable. We didn't encounter any problems. 

  |   6-7-2017 by Valerie and Craig in Running Springs CA

The loan process was efficient with no delays.

  |   6-7-2017 by Gregory and Kristy in Camas WA

Everyone did a great job. We could not be more pleased. It was the best refi we have ever been through. Thanks! 

  |   6-7-2017 by Brian in Frankfort KY

Overall just very fast.

  |   6-7-2017 by Vijayakumar and Anupama in Edmond OK

Very prompt and responsive to questions and issues.

  |   6-7-2017 by Pauline in Clawson MI

Everything and everyone was efficient, direct, courteous, helpful, and consistent!

  |   6-7-2017 by Charles and Tammy in Horn Lake MS

Lauren was excellent in every call and email we communicated. She was patient and kind! She made this process very easy!

  |   6-7-2017 by LaRee in Salem OR

All were great. Diana was quick to respond and very clear and helpful.

  |   6-7-2017 by Majura and Theresia in Fargo ND

They were very kind and always provided helpful answers to whatever I asked.

  |   6-7-2017 by Kelly in Albuquerque NM

Every single person was truly fantastic! [...] I still rave about it to everyone I know and would recommend AimLoan to everyone, as I already do. If I ever find myself needing a home loan again, I wouldn't bother shopping around again because I know that nobody will beat the deal and expert service that I would get from AimLoan. Thank you!

  |   6-7-2017 by Cliff and Kathy in Mead WA provides stellar services from start to finish. I have had 6 mortgage loans in my lifetime and this lender is by far the very best. Why... Speed, efficiency, professionalism, and constant feedback at every step. In a word... remarkable [...] all of our steps were completed online with a final signing in our home. Remarkable! Thank you!