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  |   1-13-2017 by Gregory in Oakley CA

Natasha was so helpful at explaining everything A+++++

  |   1-13-2017 by Romain in Santa Monica CA

Jen was very active in making sure the loan closing stayed on target. She followed up on everything. She was really great to worth with.

  |   1-13-2017 by William & Martha in Austin TX

Very responsive

  |   1-13-2017 by Jeffrey & Lynn in Costa Mesa CA

Very much liked how most interaction were via online & emails.

  |   1-13-2017 by Mindge in Duluth GA

Your employees are very professional and knowledgeable.. Quick responses; efficient; great team. Jen is wonderful !!!

: )

  |   1-13-2017 by Bonny in Tunbridge VT

Jen was very responsive to my questions and concerns.

  |   1-13-2017 by Stephanie & Ryan in Charlotte NC

Amazing service and best rates around!

  |   1-13-2017 by Robert & Kathleen in Springfield VA

Beth went out of her way to be helpful.

  |   1-13-2017 by Christopher in Conroe TX

Our loan processor did a great job.

  |   1-11-2017 by Nichelle in San Diego CA

All associates were nice, promptly returned my calls, and answered all of my questions.

  |   1-11-2017 by Lisa and William in Allston MA

Amanda worked with us to understand our particular needs and created a plan that met our goals.

  |   1-11-2017 by Raymond in Westerville OH

Curtis was particularly helpful. 

  |   1-11-2017 by Larry in HILO HI

All of the associates did an excellent job.

  |   1-11-2017 by Alondra and Michael in Orlando FL

Replied the same day, sometimes within minutes.

  |   1-10-2017 by Douglas and Lori in Lakewood CA

Kelli was great! 

  |   1-10-2017 by Brandon in Atlanta GA

The assocciates were very prompt at answering questions and giving me information when needed. The process was very clear and defined. 

  |   1-10-2017 by Scott in Omaha NE

Melissa was awesome! Her timeliness, attention to detail, knowledge and attitude are incredible.

  |   1-10-2017 by Michael and Marjorie in El Cerrito CA

We had a great conversation with Sondra, which added a personal touch!

  |   1-10-2017 by Sean and Christine in Beechgrove TN

Lauren is so good at what she does, she kept us informed and we are very happy! 

  |   1-10-2017 by Dell and Darlene in Coarsegold CA

Everything went smoothly and timely. Thank you for all you did to make it all happen. 

  |   1-10-2017 by Patrick and Cheryl in Missoula MT

Always prompt and courteous. The whole process was amazing! 

  |   1-10-2017 by Anil in Elk Grove CA

Donna was outstanding in staying on top of everything, she did exemplarily work with meeting timelines. 

  |   1-9-2017 by Darin and Sallina in Watsonville CA

Aimloan's team helped us all along the way, thank you Cierra and all the other people who did their part! 

  |   1-9-2017 by Michael in Anchorage AK

I was very happy with all of the individuals that I got to work with. 

  |   1-9-2017 by Scott and Shelly in St. George UT

Very timely and thorough process. 

  |   1-9-2017 by Emad and Nivine in Santa Clarita CA

Great customer service provided by Tammana and Jay. 

  |   1-9-2017 by John in Vallejo CA

Donna was very knowledgeable, informative, and prompt in her responses. The electronic document upload platform is great.

  |   1-8-2017 by Abdoul and Kadia in Memphis TN

Everyone had quick responses, kept up with promised dates, were customer friendly, very knowledgeable and easy to work with.  

  |   1-8-2017 by Ruth in Erie CO

I loved that they kept me up to date on each step.

  |   1-8-2017 by Allan in Roanoke VA

Sarah M was very nice.

  |   1-8-2017 by Josh and Amy in Westmoreland TN

Everything was GREAT! 

  |   1-8-2017 by Heidi in Wetumpka AL

The service was very prompt concerning all associates. 

  |   1-8-2017 by Troy and Theresa in Kalispell MT

The first person I had helping me was Kelly, she was great!

  |   1-8-2017 by Lora in Mesa AZ

Nikki and her team were outstanding to work with.

  |   1-8-2017 by Dianne and Michael in Atwater CA

Kelli and Kourtney were always professional and expedited our loan. Everyone else was too, but I don’t remember the names. The customer service was excellent with immediate email and phone responses. 

  |   1-8-2017 by Srujan in Columbia SC

Esther was very efficient and I give total credit to her making this process smooth, fast and easy. She is superb. 

  |   1-8-2017 by Wee Sen in Overland Park KS

Hannah and Jay were really helpful and prompt on helping us close on time. Special thanks to Hannah who has been superb on everything, I enjoyed working with her. 

  |   1-8-2017 by Lillian and Mark in Wilson NC

Everything was fast and efficient, it took less than three weeks for the refinancing process.  

  |   1-5-2017 by Scott and Kimberly in Margate FL

I'm sure AIM loans strives on customer service as in every company but it's rarely seen as well as Josh provided . He was very prompt, answered phone calls and emails very quickly. It's rare to get off the phone with someone and think, "man this is too easy, what a pleasure".Thank you for the fantastic experience.

  |   1-5-2017 by Maxwell in Margate FL

I wanted to send you an email telling you how happy we were with Josh. I'm sure AIMLoan strives on customer service as in every company, but it's rarely seen as well as Josh provided. He was very prompt, answered phone calls and emails very quickly. It's rare to get off the phone and think "man this is to easy and what a pleasure". Thank you for the fantastic experience.

  |   1-4-2017 by L. in Townsend DE

I was pleased with the prompt notification of the loan processes. My associate was extremely knowlegable in her field. 

  |   1-4-2017 by Dennis in Riverside CA

Sheema was very friendly and helpful.

  |   1-4-2017 by Feng in Wood Dale IL

I want to thank Irma for her support throughout the entire process. She provided the needed assistance each time when I looked for help! Thank you, Irma!

  |   1-4-2017 by Richard in San Diego CA

It was a Friday at 5 pm and your associate called me for a piece of information to complete my rate lock. She could have gone home, but she decided to help me first. Because my rate locked on Friday I got a better rate! Thank you!

  |   1-4-2017 by Vanessa and Jack in Irvine CA

I was pleased with how they did a fast closing (21 days) to accomodate internation travel.

  |   1-4-2017 by Sam and Luma in Studio City CA

I was pleased with how they emailed promptly with loan results.

  |   1-4-2017 by Matthew in Lake Forest CA

Jen was incredibly helpful; she was great to work with.

  |   12-27-2016 by Jemima in Lake Elsinore CA

I received constant updates via emails and phone calls... I was nervous refinancing online, but AimLoan was highly recommended by two of my co-workers who I highly trust. So glad I refinanced with AimLoan. Staff were super friendly and helpful. It was a pretty fast process, as well. Thank you all for helping me out through this process.

  |   12-27-2016 by Jason in Voohees NJ

I first went to my bank ..but that would have taken over 100 days for approval, which was unacceptable… Found AimLoan who said they would approve in 45 days and they did it just like they said they would! Rates were the best, fees were the lowest. Very efficient and exceptional! Wish I could use AimLoan again and again! Thank you so much!

  |   12-27-2016 by Michael & Wendy in Highland UT

Thanks Vanessa & Amanda!!! You’re the best!