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  |   12-7-2016 by Michael in Denver NC

Thank you for all your help with our loan. I appreciate closing on time. I'm going to miss my daily emails from you Donna!


  |   12-7-2016 by Constantin in Brooklyn NY

Sogol took time to explain all options patiently and knowledgeably. She was excellent to work with.

  |   12-7-2016 by David and Saundra in Coalinga CA

Amanda was very pleasant no matter what time of day I called.

  |   12-7-2016 by Reginald and Deborah in Fremont CA

Ashanti was very professional but also very friendly and made the experience quick and simple.

  |   12-7-2016 by Michael and Kacie in San Diego CA

Tamanna was excellent in providing customer and answering questions.

  |   12-7-2016 by James and Rhonda in Minneapolis MN

Everyone we dealt with was professional, friendly, and responsive. We were extremely impressed with the speed and efficiency of the entire process. Tamanna was incredibly helpful and responsive making the entire process flow quickly and smoothly. She did a fantastic job as did her collegues. 

  |   12-7-2016 by James and Andrea in Shorewood MN

The process never stalled and the communication was excellent.

  |   12-7-2016 by Donald and Jill in Greenwood IN

Every Aimloan team member that I worked with was excellent!!! Communicative, responsive, helpful, and friendly!

  |   12-2-2016 by Jeff & Terri in Frisco TX

This has got to be the one of the smoothest transactions I have dealt with ever. There has never been a point in this purchase process where I did not know what they needed, and we were constantly being updated with any changes. We appreciate the transparency, the communication, and the speed. Big thank you to Donna for being on the ball.

  |   11-30-2016 by Luong in West Sacramento CA

Quick and prompy in assisting me with all of my questions and concerns that I had. Excellent customer service, very helpful, and responsive!! Elizabeth was very knowledgeable, responsive and always willing to address any questions that I had. Thank you!!!

  |   11-30-2016 by Stephen and Michelle in Danville CA

They were all excellent, polite and efficient!

  |   11-30-2016 by Kathryn and Adam in Uniontown OH

Whenever I had questions, Thea and Kourtney always answered them thoroughly. Very impressed with this! 

  |   11-30-2016 by Olga and Evan in Washington DC

Service and communication was A+. Now I have higher expectations of any other company. Very impressed.

  |   11-30-2016 by Seth and Elisa in Baltimore OH

Donna was responsive and answered all of my questions.

  |   11-30-2016 by Vijay in San Ramon CA

Aimloan always surprises me on the pleasant side...Amazing turn around time.

  |   11-30-2016 by Rajib and Anindita in San Diego CA

Kelli stayed on top of all issues amd was very responsive.

  |   11-30-2016 by John and Jacqueline in Alexandria VA

Christine was extremely helpful and informative and make the process as easy as it could be.

  |   11-30-2016 by David and Maribel in Tampa FL

Linda and Tiffani were great! They were always responsive and very professional.

  |   11-30-2016 by Murray and Linda in Saradota FL

Overall great service.

  |   11-30-2016 by Alexander and Brittnay in Temecula CA

Khola was very knowledgeable in the first steps. Once we were assigned to Natasha for processing, the process was incredibly smooth. She was very responsive and helped us so much through our process.

  |   11-30-2016 by Debra and Dennis in Southport NC

Very seamless, quick process. Can't believe how quickly our loan processed and funded!

  |   11-30-2016 by Sean and Erin in Jacksonville OR

This is our 3rd loan with AIM and 2nd time working with Heather. We can honestly say that the great rates, the timeliness, quick feedback, and reliability of AIM can’t be beat! Your company came highly recommended by a friend, and we’ll pass your name on, as well. We look forward to working with AIMLoan again in the future.

  |   11-30-2016 by Randall & Barbara in San Diego CA

They are all very helpful and knowledgeable.

  |   11-30-2016 by Kevin & Christina in Saint Charles MO

Esther did a good job of guiding me through the different steps and clarified the time line.

  |   11-30-2016 by Gregory & Cynthia in Martin City MT

Donna was very helpful and went above and beyond to accommodate the unavoidable delays involved in my situation. She was exceptionally courteous and friendly to me.

  |   11-30-2016 by Stephanie & Jonathan in Ham Lake MN

This is a stressful process to begin with and Josh was always right there!.. He always answered the phone and followed up with us.

  |   11-30-2016 by James in Simi Valley CA

Gionne was very prompt at keeping me up to date on everything I needed to do... This was my 3rd refi with your company, and definitely the smoothest!!!

  |   11-30-2016 by Eric & Renata in Monterey CA

Jen was responsive to my questions even when my point of contact was in another department.

  |   11-30-2016 by Sethu in Plano TX

Everyone I worked with were very prompt in their response and knowledgeable.


  |   11-30-2016 by Deborah in Ontario CA

Ashanti was very helpful and had a pleasant attitude!

  |   11-30-2016 by Michelle in Lombard IL

Beth went above and beyond to help me. She provided excellent customer service. She was prompt in answering questions.

  |   11-30-2016 by Matthew & Karen in Carlsbad CA

Kept me informed and were quick to answer questions.

  |   11-30-2016 by William & Michelle in Fort Collins CO

Very responsive communication. Friendly

  |   11-30-2016 by James & Cheryl in Aurora CO

Loan closer was very professional and pleasant.

  |   11-28-2016 by Renee in Upper Marlboro MD

I am very pleased with the prompt and courteous service AimLoan provided from the initial contact, the process, updates of the loan, closing of my refinance and the payoff of the existing mortgage. My loan processor, April responded to all my inquiries and concerns expeditiously. Irma and April were very advantageous in moving my loan forward. The interest rates are excellent. In that, American Internet Mortgage, Inc's rates are better than most local banks, credit unions, and other Internet-based Mortgage Company.

AimLoan is a straightforward company that offers no delays in the process or changes regarding the terms of the loan and, or interest rates. I highly recommend the company to anyone who is looking to purchase or refinanced any real estate.

  |   11-27-2016 by Saundra in Clovis CA

This is our second loan with AIM...we refinanced about 8 years ago and now just bought a retirement home. They were great, from Kourtney to Amanda, they were attentive to phone calls and emails.

  |   11-21-2016 by Suzanne in Simi Valley CA

A very effecient process! Very friendly. 

  |   11-21-2016 by Rayden and Michelle in Lynnwood WA

Always kept us updated on the status of our application.

  |   11-21-2016 by Doris in San Diego CA

Luke was excellent at keeping me updated.

  |   11-21-2016 by Edwin in Greenwood Lake NY

Kelvin and Irma were amazing.

  |   11-21-2016 by Brian in Hickory NC

Esther was amazing and could have done no better. She is a hard worker and informatice. I had complete confidence in her that everything would be done right.

  |   11-21-2016 by Marc and Sheila in Fountain Valley CA

All of the reps we worked with were knowledgeable and worked fast to keep the loan process moving along.

  |   11-18-2016 by Lourdes in Vista CA

Everyone was very helpful.

  |   11-18-2016 by Marilyn in Beaverton OR

Ashanti, Jay, and Lashar were all outstanding! They made it a quick and easy process. I especially appreciate the informative emails, great communication with my title company, and they were very speedy.

  |   11-18-2016 by Thomas in Idaho Falls ID

Robert was very thorough in explaining particular requests. He was polite and knowledgeable. Excellent rates. Khola was efficient as well.

  |   11-18-2016 by Steven and Deborah in Ooltewah TN

Josh went the extra mile to help me when I had a question about the title company's process and to clear up an issue with them. He followed up from his end to be sure I got a response. 

  |   11-18-2016 by Lisa and Donald in Anderson SC

I appreciated all of the communication.

  |   11-18-2016 by Barbara in Corona CA

Our loan officer, Ashley, made the process very easy.

  |   11-18-2016 by Somvang in Lowell MA

Esther was very prompt to answer my questions and get me all of the answers I needed.

  |   11-18-2016 by Landon and Jennifer in Rochester MN

Everyone was excellent.