While other lenders offer a Loan Estimate of closing costs, AimLoan provides you with a Guarantee of Total Closing Costs. We guarantee not only our own fees but those of third party service providers as well.

  • We charge one flat Guaranteed Lender Fee.
  • Fees for third party service providers are also guaranteed, including Appraisal, Credit Report, Flood Cert, Tax Service, Settlement Agent, Lender Title Insurance, and all Government Recording and Transfer Charges.
  • Guarantee of Settlement Agent, Lender Title Insurance and Government Recording charges requires the use of our recommended providers. Borrower may choose to use different providers, in which case these fees are not guaranteed.
  • Guaranteed fees on purchase transactions include only fees customarily paid by buyer. Fees customarily paid by seller that buyer may agree to pay are not included in this guarantee.
  • Prepaid interest, taxes and insurance collected at closing are not guaranteed. Charges by your current lender in connection with your payoff are not guaranteed.
  • Loans may not be closed in the name of a trust. Costs of transferring property out of and back into trust are not included in guaranteed fees.

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