AimLoan has been certified as meeting the requirements of the Upfront Mortgage Lender program. An Upfront Mortgage Lender provides mortgage shoppers with the information they need to make an informed decision before applying for a mortgage, and also guarantee them fair treatment during the period after they apply through closing.

Requirement #1: An Upfront Mortgage Lender provides quick access to the market niches it prices online.

AimLoan offers the most commonly requested mortgage programs and prices them online.  Please view our detailed table of Market Niches Priced Online.

Requirement #2: An Upfront Mortgage Lender includes its fixed-dollar fees, including credit and appraisal charges, in its price and guarantees them to closing

AimLoan posts rates and Guaranteed Closing Costs to its website each day.  Rates and Guaranteed Closing Costs may be locked online at the time of application and customers receive a lock confirmation for their records. View Rates & Guaranteed Closing Costs

Requirement #3: An Upfront Mortgage Lender provides a clear explanation of its lock requirements.

After completing an Online Application and receiving an Online Approval, AimLoan customers may lock their rate online. Customers receive a Lock Confirmation by email the same day, confirming the program, loan amount, rate, points and fees that have been locked in. View our Rate Lock Policy for further details.

Requirement #4: An Upfront Mortgage Lender discloses all the information about its Adjustable Rate Mortgages needed by customers to make intelligent decisions.

AimLoan discloses online all pertinent information relating to our ARM programs, including the initial interest rate, adjustment periods, index, margin and caps.  Please Submit Your Loan Scenario and choose the link to the ARM program you are interested in to view this important information.

Requirement #5: An Upfront Mortgage Lender informs borrowers if its loan officers are compensated in a way that gives them a financial incentive to overcharge the borrower.

AimLoan does not compensate its Loan Officers based on the program selected or the rate, points or fees paid by the borrower. The rate, points and fees paid will be as posted each day on our website and confirmed in your lock confirmation.